This is one of the busiest weeks in the fantasy football training room, with six players being carefree when they're healthy, including three taken in the first two rounds of all fantasy sketches, grooming injuries. As always, we're giving you the injury risk of 4for4s Russell Manalastas, a physical therapist and strength coach based in New York, as well as the fantasy spin that goes with it.

A.J. Green, WR, Bengals

Injury: Turf toe

Take injury: Marvin Lewis said Monday that Green will not have to undergo surgery, but will not give any real information as to when he might return, but Adam Schefter reports that Green will miss at least two games. The Bengals will likely try to put a plate in Green's shoe to reduce the excessive strain on the toe while running, but it remains to be seen how Green will tolerate the constant foot-pressing as he increases his activity , Injuries at the turf tip are also an increased risk of aggravation.

Fantasy spin: This is terrible news for green owners. The receiver is in the middle of yet another stellar season, capturing 45 passes for 687 yards and six touchdowns in eight games. This is a critical time of the fantasy season for him, but if it's only two weeks, he's back in time for the fantasy playoffs. Get John Ross the waivers if you still can.

Leonard Fournette, RB, Jaguars

Injury: Tense thighs

Take injury: Will it finally be the week in which Fournette returns to the field? He could not finish a game yet, and there are some clear concerns about his remaining time, just because of this injury. Nevertheless, he was able to do some extra work on Monday, which is a good sign for his availability this weekend. He must be able to show the training staff and doctors that he can push his thigh muscles to higher levels so that he can be sure he will not make the injury worse. It is likely that the team will make that decision until the very end, but any signs that Fournette will come back this week.

Fantasy spin: It's quite possible that most people who designed Fournette left the playoff hunt. Supposing he's back in the field this week, we'll consider him a middle-class RB2, simply because of the danger of increasing injury and uncertainty over how much work the Jaguars coaching staff will do.

Chris Carson, RB, Seahawks

Injury: hip / thigh strain

Take injury: Carson already had a hip-joint problem in the ninth week and only managed to do it 10 times before he made the injury worse. Carson had heavily wrapped his thigh and thighs on the sidelines during the game, which is usually precautionary but still remarkable. Pete Carroll said that they're likely to be resting Carson most of the week, hoping his hip will feel better later in the week, making Carson decide on the season. His status is 50:50 at best, and the fact that he had already tried to play through the injury, and an exacerbation that knocked him out of the game, is not a good sign for Week 10.

Fantasy spin: It's going to be hard to trust Carson this week for a variety of reasons. First, it seems unlikely that the team would push him after he could not play through the injury, although he had tried to look good – he ran for eight yards on eight carries last week. Second, the Seahawks are in Los Angeles to fight the Rams in week 10, which means a kick-off of 16:25 ET. You can wait for him just to have him deactivated, which could lead to an empty spot on your grid. This is a situation that needs to be monitored throughout the week, but plans to go in a different direction on Sunday.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Vikings

Injury: Intercostal (ribs) strain

Take injury: Diggs has been dealing with a rib injury since the beginning of last week, with so much pain that he missed the ninth week. Rib injuries are usually due to intolerance tolerance, and depending on which tissue is affected, the pain can be more difficult to handle. In particular, injuries to the intercostal muscles or cartilage between the ribs can be very painful, because something as simple as breathing or coughing can cause serious discomfort. Now imagine that you are being attacked if sensitive tissue is injured.

Fantasy spinThe good news for Diggs owners is that the Vikings are saying goodbye this week. They would already be able to do without him, so it's almost a week off for him to get well. We will find out about his status in week 11.

Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots

Injury: back / ankle

Take injury: Gronkowski is still hampered by lower back and ankle problems that have knocked him out in two of the last three games. The fact that the Patriots did not enforce the problem with Gronk in Week 9 could mean that they plan to rest him for Week 10 as well. Their reunion is expected in week 11. Gronk seems to have been playing this week for a long time, and the bigger worry is which of the two injuries causes him more problems. Given the history of Gronkowski with significant back injuries, this could be a long-term problem.

Fantasy spin: That's certainly not the news that the owners of Gronkowski wanted to hear. At this point, you have little choice but to grin and bear. You might try to trade it, but you probably will not get much for a player who has missed two of his last three games of his team and is on the horizon goodbye. If you need help in the tight end position, you might want to consider some players Jack Doyle is considering – who should you take right away when he's available – Chris Herndon and Jeff Heuerman.

Allen Robinson, WR, Bears

Injury: strained groin

Take injury: Matt Nagy still looks at Robinson daily, but that's definitely not the case. Robinson has missed the last two weeks because of the groin injury he wanted to play in the seventh week, and for Chicago this week against Detroit this seems unlikely. Robinson himself said last Friday that he still can not be 100%. Therefore, this training week is of crucial importance to him if he had a chance to sue on Sunday. The groin area is strained by a straight sprint and any lateral movement, making it one of the most difficult injuries a player with skill position can navigate.

Fantasy spin: The bet is that Robinson owners will be without his services for at least another week. They've got it up and running in the last two weeks, though Byes can change that reality anytime. If you need help on the spot, check out this week's low voltage pillar. Top names include Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Willie Snead and Christian Kirk.



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