Faouzi Benallal, Istiqlalian leader and former mayor of Harhoura, is no longer

By Rahim Sefrioui on 11/12/2020 at 11:45 am

Faouzi Benallal, one of the heavyweights of Istiqlal in the region of Rabat, is no longer. The former mayor of Harhoura died this Thursday, November 12.


Faouzi Benallal, former vice-president of the Chamber of Councilors and leading member of Istiqlal, who was part of its Executive Committee, died in the early hours of Thursday, November 12, learns Le360 from members of his party.

Faouzi Benallal was also president of the commune of Harhoura, a post from which he had been ousted in the summer of 2018, following several dysfunctions.

In the region of Rabat, he had ended up establishing himself as a leading leader, who had his say, especially given his influence in the Istiqlalien apparatus.

With his death, the parenthesis of the legal proceedings against him is closed, especially with regard to violations of national legislation relating to town planning.



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