Far Cry 5: Complex copy protection cracked three weeks after launch


Actually, the title Far Cry 5 should be protected thanks to a combination of various current copy protection and login methods according to publisher Ubisoft as well as possible against unauthorized copying attempts. Now, the crackers announce only three weeks after market launch but enforcement: Far Cry 5 has appeared inclusive cracks in various file sharing.

The infinite history of copy protection Today, developers and publishers are investing in large titles of millions – and spending a significant portion of their budget on protecting their product from unauthorized copying. The comprehensive copy protection of the action shooter Far Cry 5, which celebrated its market launch around three weeks ago, has now been posted on the Internet portal reddit reliably cracked. As The H writes in his report, the game is currently already in various file sharing sites to find and is there as a 43-GB download including crack for the full version offered. In addition, there are already space-saving repacks in circulation, which reduce the file size to 15.5 GB. In short, with Far Cry 5 it comes once again to the situation that not only all security measures could be undone, but the relation of the game over illegal sources is made extremely easy. For Ubisoft a real disaster For publishers and developers Ubisoft sends the message about the successful overcoming of the copy protection measures of Far Cry 5, of course, a devastating signal. Until now the title was considered very well protected because of the complex system of the latest version of Denuvo x64, VMProtect and EAC as well as the uPlay client. For the licensing of these protective measures the company must spend a lot of money. Specifically, Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology should prevent the uPlay game client’s protections from being compromised by implementing probes at random locations in the program code. VMProtect was again used to prevent reconstruction of the Denuvo code. At least with Far Cry 5 these attempts can be regarded as having failed with the emergence of the first cracks.
Infographic: Background information on Far Cry 5

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