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Far right. The Europe of Le Pen and Bardella: exchanges, no mixture

A "vision of the man": that is what Marine Le Pen claims to carry with the manifesto "for a Europe of the nations", that she presented officially yesterday to the European Parliament. Nothing more logical: the "localism" of which it makes the article today is, more than a program, a true ecosystem, thought by the New Right and promoted by its heirs.

Hervé Juvin, fifth on the list of the National Gathering – it was even considered a time that it leads – is among them. Marine Le Pen met this "specialist of Europe, ecology, economics and globalism", quickly promoted "inspirer of the European project", in 2016, in favor of a symposium on "the model imposed by the European Union ". Since then, she has read all of her work. The president of the RN often claims the book Hervé Juvin published in 2018, the Political Moment, subtitled "manifest ecological and anti-liberal," to say (as at La Mutualité, early February) that the "moment" of "l 'alternation', has arrived. The "liberal nationalism" it carries corresponds to the official line of current Lepenism. But the intellectual was also inspired by his other works to write the European program of the far-right party.

Ecology and theory of the big replacement

"Ecology is not what we tell you, wind farms and taxes on diesel," said Hervé Juvin at the beginning of the year. In the Great Separation, for an ecology of civilizations, written in 2013, he developed his particular vision of the fight for the environment: "There is a total incompatibility between the mobility without borders of individuals and the preservation of ecosystems. To preserve biodiversity, it is essential that there is a territorial singularity. So, a resort to borders. This is because the editor of the project, without using the words of Renaud Camus, agrees with the theory of the "great replacement": "Many are the French who have the feeling of living a slow invasion and to undergo a new occupation", he wrote in a passage in the Political Moment. But the clearest allusion to identity "localism" will be made by Juvin, on December 4, 2013, during a colloquium "Localism and identity, the response to globalism", organized by identities in Sèvres: "We will be led very quickly to find that part of the wealth of the poorest is their collective identity. "

For the identities, globalization is "the end of humanity, of cultural and ethnic specificities", analysis for Humanity Sylvain Crépon (1), sociologist and member of the Observatory of the Radical Policies of the Fondation Jean- Jaures (Orap). Hence the promotion, in the early 1990s, of identity differentialism developed by the essayist Alain de Benoist, "in fact a phobia of miscegenation, biological and cultural." "The New Right will support the ecological register, by making a parallel between the preservation of natural biotopes and cultural biotopes," says Sylvain Crépon. A vision that Juvin and Le Pen take over. If the Europe of Nations advocated by the National Gathering and its allies is favorable to trade, it is not to mixtures.

It must be said that, in the entourage of Marine Le Pen, gravitate many supporters of these theories. In 2013, Philippe Vardon was not yet director of the communication of the RN for the Europeans, but one of the frames of the Bloc identity. It is for this reason that he participates in the writing of the Anti-World Pro-local book, which links "the relocation of activities to the relocation of beings", affirming the "link between localism and identity". Philippe Vardon describes himself as "Nissart, French and European": "Europe is a geographical, historical, cultural, spiritual and … ethnic reality. "Philippe Olivier," special advisor "Marine Le Pen, has also not forgotten its fundamentals. If he favors "juvinism", it is because the doctrine is close to that advocated by Bruno Mégret (1): "An ecology of populations, seen as animal species on given territories", recently recalled the researcher Stéphane François , interviewed by AFP. "The megretists and the identities have succeeded," Orap's director, Jean-Yves Camus, told Humanity yesterday. "Their theses have made their way and, today, the compatibility of the triptych local-nation-Europe (Identity – Ed) is strong: the speech of Marine Le Pen on the identity is essentially civilizational. "

The definitive abandonment of the exit of the euro

The president of the RN officially endorsed the concept of "localism" in Saint-Ébremond-de-Bonfossé, Manche, on February 13th. Hervé Juvin had just spoken of this "new economic model", in which local preference would be given to the public order or the allocation of bank financing. "The simplest thing must be to shop at the merchants (nearby), to live where one has his roots, his family, his life commitments. This is the key to revitalizing our rural territories. Marine Le Pen sees it as a way to fight against the "massive importation of products that are exempt from social charges, but also health standards." Even to go beyond "these free-trade treaties that lead to the ruin of our operations, the disorganization of our sectors and especially the suicide of our farmers."

To complete the scheme, the RN president announced yesterday that she wanted to introduce measures to combat social dumping, such as the "national responsibility of the company" which would prevent a relocating society, would call for "low-cost work" or would refuse to pay taxes in France, to have access to public markets. The "localism", which aims – at least on paper – emphasizes Sylvain Crépon, to revitalize rural areas, to relocate the economy, "can be perceived as common sense by populations who are struggling in these areas -the ". Reflecting in the context of the mobilization of yellow vests, "this positioning is not so clumsy," says the researcher.

Once the displacement of the center of gravity (from the local to the national, then to the European) and the "obsession with identity", the only astonishment at reading the European program lies in the definitive abandonment, after much procrastination, of the exit of the euro. It is difficult, in advocating this exit, to carry out the alliances that the RN is working with its European allies within the Movement for the Europe of Nations and Freedoms. "Mateo Salvini, for example, comes from an autonomist party, regionalist, who played the card of the euro to build alliances between regions," says Sylvain Crepon. The measure has logically disappeared from the program. The preservation of alliances has its price.


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