Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

Faraj Amer clarifies the truth of the “quarrel” Mortada Mansour and the Minister of Sports

Faraj Amer, chairman of the Sports Committee of the People’s Assembly and president of Smouha Club, explained the truth of the dispute between Zamalek president Morteza Mansour and Khaled Abdul Aziz, Minister of Youth and Sports.
“There was no quarrel between the youth minister and the adviser Morteza Mansour, which happened immediately after the exit of the youth minister and my exit from the office of the president of the council, Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal. Counselor Morteza Mansour asked the minister why she did not congratulate me on the hand championship The minister replied that he does not congratulate Ahli or Zamalek if one of them wins over the other and Morteza Mansour complains that one of the members of the committee is Ahlawi and the minister confirmed that he is not looking behind any one, and Murtaza Manso told me that you are afraid of the minister and I answered Bahzar too. I do not fear anyone. Aref. ”
The period witnessed war statements by Murtada Mansour, president of Zamalek against the Minister of Youth and Sports.

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