Farewell Challenger Black Ghost, “automatic” for Lada and other industry events – Autoreview

The sixth of seven promised farewell special versions of Dodge Charger/Challenger cars has been declassified. coupe Dodge Challenger Black Ghost named after one of the famous drag racing cars that shone in Pontiac races in the early seventies. The Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is taken as a basis, but the V8 6.2 compressor engine is boosted from 808 hp. up to 818 hp, although this is not the limit for the Challenger. Other features include black exterior and decor, white aft decals, vinyl roofing and original nameplates. 300 Black Ghost cars will be produced. The seventh and final farewell variant of the outgoing models will be shown at SEMA in November.

Premiere of the new flagship crossover Volvo EX90 set for November 9th. It will be a large electric vehicle on a new modular platform shared with Polestar. In the meantime, the developers talked about a new complex of preventive security systems, which will have 16 ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras, five radars and one frontal lidar. Two cameras in the cabin will immediately monitor the driver: depending on the degree of his fatigue, the electronics will change the degree of intervention in driving. The company believes that the new safety systems will reduce the number of accidents by 20% (compared to the XC90 model).

Published new photos of the pre-production coupe Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, that is, an “off-road” version of a serial supercar. There is no information support for photography. Back in the middle of summer, it was known that the development and testing of the car was close to completion, the official premiere would take place in the coming months. The Huracan Sterrato differs from the base supercar by increased ground clearance, a protective body kit, additional headlights, and roof rails.

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Newly founded Italian company Aehra published teasers of their future electric vehicles. The plans include a large crossover (it will be presented in October) and a sedan (expected in February 2023). Former Lamborghini chief designer Filippo Perini is working on their appearance, and Aehra’s management also includes people from Ferrari and Genesis. As planned, future electric cars will cost 160-180 thousand dollars and will compete with Tesla, Lucid, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche models, but production is scheduled to start only in 2025.

Despite the launch of a completely new plant in Texas, Tesla will continue to modernize its head office in California, where all four models of the company are still produced. On the conveyors where the Model S and Model X are produced, the new manipulators have already been installed. An additional $1.5 million traction battery assembly line is coming soon. And on the street site, the third giant tent will be installed, but it will organize not an assembly line, as in the existing two, but a warehouse for equipment and tooling.

Long litigation between the concern Stellar and company Mahindra got an unexpected twist. A year ago, an American court ruled that the US-produced Mahindra Roxor SUV, after two restylings, had already ceased to resemble Jeep cars, and lifted the ban on the sale of these cars. But now it turned out that the “similarity tests” were not carried out correctly: for experienced violators, which included Mahindra, more stringent approaches should be applied. The Court of Appeal reopened the case and ordered new tests to determine a “safe distance” from the Jeep design.

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At a meeting in the Federation Council, President AVTOVAZ Maxim Sokolov announced the dates for the return of some options for Lada cars. According to TASS, cars with ABS will start rolling off the assembly line in early 2023, the resumption of production of 16-valve engines is scheduled for May, and the stabilization system is expected only closer to 2024. Maxim Sokolov also announced the cost of developing a number of units: a new manual transmission will cost 10 billion rubles, its own automatic transmission – 30 billion rubles, and an all-wheel drive transmission – 20 billion rubles.

Also today we talked about the crossover Nowhere Aipao Ssports car Caterham Super Seven and “charged” model Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance.