Farewell to Cardinal Karl Lehmann (81) – Aufbahrung in seminar Church

Farewell to Cardinal Karl Lehmann (81) – Aufbahrung in
 seminar Church

Over the next few days, the population will be able to bid farewell to Cardinal Karl Lehmann in the church of the Mainz Priest Seminary in Augustinerstraße, the so-called “Seminar Church”.

There, the deceased is laid out since today’s Tuesday. The corpse of Cardinal Lehmann is laid out on a catafalque and clothed with the so-called Pontifikalien: purple chasuble, miter, crosier, Bishop’s Cross and Bishop’s Ring.

At 5 pm a requiem for the deceased was celebrated in the seminary church. The church is open until 19.00 hours on this day. Condolence books will be out. On the following days – from Wednesday, March 14, – the seminary church will be open from 9.00 until the end of the daily requiem. Until Tuesday, March 20, the Lauds will be praying in the seminary church daily at 9:00 am and the Sext at 12:00 pm; Every day, at 5 pm, the members of the cathedral chapter alternately celebrate a requiem.

The requiem for the funeral of the former Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, will take place on Wednesday, March 21, at 3:00 pm in Mainz Cathedral. Mainz Bishop Peter Kohlgraf will be the main celebrant of the service. Before the service, the deceased in the Mainz seminar church, where the Aufbahrung takes place, adopted from 14.00 clock and transferred in a funeral procession in the Mainz Cathedral.

The funeral procession leads from the seminary church via Augustinerstraße, Leichhof, Schöfferstraße, Höfchen and the cathedral places. The funeral procession passes through the episcopal portal at Liebfrauenplatz in Mainz Cathedral. After the service, Cardinal Lehmann is buried in the episcopal tomb of Mainz Cathedral. The cathedral will reserve about 300 seats; the other places will be freely accessible. Further information on the funeral will be announced in the next few days.
An online condolence book for the deceased on 11 March Cardinal and longtime Bishop of Mainz can be reached at the address

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