Farm VIP: panicked Mónika Erdélyi

In Mónika, Transylvania completely dominated by panic a Farm VIPin because he found the whisk nowhere. “I need a whisk. He was here yesterday, but someone packed him. And it was prepared right away. Pumpkin I’m angry because it was prepared…. God, where is he ?! Okay, kids, I don’t have a whisk, I don’t know who put it where, but I can’t find it… Why did I have to pack it when it was made there ?!”Said the former presenter, whose behavior was difficult for his teammates to react to. Although the others tried to reassure them, the desperate Mónika of Transylvania overcame the terror.

The 54-year-old videoblogger later confessed in front of the cameras: he often exaggerates things. “Unfortunately, it is a characteristic of me that I can cramp things very much. I really want to do it well, to the maximum, and that’s what I get out of. (…) I may have to be less convulsive, but I can’t be less convulsive. I know the task needs to be done, especially if I’m not just responsible for myself, but for a team. Well, I’ll stress you even more then”Mónika Erdélyi revealed.

Mónika Erdélyi is aware that she often exaggerates things, but she can’t change that – Photo: Press Room

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