Farmen, Grethe Enlid | Storms out after the “Farm” revelation: – Planned

– I do not see it as humor, says big farmer Grethe Enlid to Nettavisen.

It was anything but a peaceful first-choice choice for big farmer Grethe Enlid (49) on Wednesday night.

At least not the way the participants perceived it in the aftermath of the big election.

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When Enlig appointed Heidi Persdatter Greiner Haaker (55), or Mama G as she is also called inside the yard, Haaker more or less stormed out of the house.

In addition to large and heavy weekly assignments, it is also the big farmer’s duty and privilege to appoint a first fighter who will go into a duel later in the week. The first giant is therefore in danger of having to leave the farm stay. But according to Haaker, it was everything else a fear of going home that caused her strong reaction.

Kept the participants for fun

After leaving his competitors in shock and water belief, Haaker ends it all with a kind of dance alone and in hiding from the others out on the stairs.

To Nettavisen, she explains the dance as a kind of victory dance and reveals that the whole reaction was a carefully planned scene on her part.

– I love to fool people. People who know me will recognize this very well. My reaction was simply humor on my part, it was not some kind of game, says Haaker.

According to Haaker, who claims that she is a psychic, she knew from the first day Enlid was appointed as a large farmer, that she would be chosen as first champion.

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– It was a mixture of a gut feeling and that I imagined that Grethe would choose me. I planned my reaction from that moment on, says Hakker and laughs well at his own invention.

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According to the 55-year-old, she did not see the election as a defeat, and believes that she initially had nothing against being chosen as first champion. However, she takes the joke further than the violent reaction inside the house. Among other things, she chooses to sleep out in the woods instead of sleeping with the others.

– I took it maybe a little far. But it was just too much fun. It was not to gain sympathy or to punish Grethe in any way. Some people thought it was idiotic, but I think most people thought it was fun, she said.

Do not agree

Big farmer Grethe Enlid, however, does not agree with Haaker that the joke was so funny.

– As you can see on the screen, I do not really care so much about it all. Whether it was an attempt at a joke on her part, or whether it was an actual reaction to her being chosen as the first champion, it was strange anyway and I do not see the humor, Enlid says to Nettavisen.

According to Enlid, Haaker constantly did things on the farm that Enlid thought were strange, and reveals that there is also more to come.

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– There was nothing that surprised me with that girl anymore. I did not really make up so many opinions about it all other than that I think it was all a bit small, says Enlid and continues:

– But she created a slightly unpleasant atmosphere towards the other participants who did not know that her reaction was an attempt at humor. She says herself that it was not to punish me, or make me have a bad conscience, but I was a little shocked by it all when she chose to no longer contribute on the farm.

According to Enlid, Haaker’s reaction was only a confirmation that she had chosen the right person as first fighter.

– It confirmed my assumptions that she did not want me a final knife or get the weekly assignment in port. Heidi probably also confirmed in the episode that she did not want me a knife, and I really only take that as a compliment, says Enlid who also chose Haaker as first champion because she saw her as her biggest competitor.

Who Haaker ultimately chooses as second champion remains to be seen in Sunday’s episode of “The Farm”. “The Farm” is broadcast on TV 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday on TV 2.