Farmer is looking for a woman internationally: A lord of the farmer leaves the wine farmer Rolinka

Rolinka aus Occitanien.


In Occitania, wine farmer Rolinka actually wants to get to know two men better during the Hofwoche, but one jumps off prematurely.

The current season of “Bauer sucht Frau International” is only a few episodes old – but the first tendencies are already emerging. There has even been the first kiss – a farmer also already speaks of great feelings and admits: “My heart is banging.” But part-time Cupid and presenter Inka Bause also reports great feelings on the other farms – not all of a positive kind, like reported. (This article was previously published on May 5, 2022.)

For example, Félix from Peru not only has to take a lot of clapping with Simone and Monika at the beginning of the farm week. At the coffee farmer’s it’s even time to say goodbye. One of the ladies-in-waiting leaves Peru in episode 5 after a heated argument. Meanwhile, there could also be a first decision in South Africa, as Rüdiger asks his ladies-in-waiting important questions.

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Hofherr draws a line in France

“Bauer sucht Frau International” participant Rolinka in Occitania, France, is also saying goodbye. Because since episode 2, Alexander has felt like the fifth wheel on the wagon, while Rolinka and Frank are getting closer. The lord’s fear: that the wine farmer’s wife has already made her decision.

Well, at the beginning of episode 5, the scenario is repeated that Hofherr Alexander remains alone in the morning. He sits at the breakfast table and drinks his coffee – Rolinka and Frank have simply “disappeared”. No wonder Alex feels alone and wonders why the “Bauer sucht Frau” farmer from France doesn’t give him a real chance.

I’m afraid we’re not a good match. I don’t feel that much between us.

Wine farmer Rolinka to the lord Alexander

That’s why Alexander wants to clear things up in Occitania and goes in search of Rolinka and Frank. He finds the two together at the pool and asks the wine farmer to talk. His questions to confront Rolinka: “what are her thoughts, what are her feelings”. It’s obviously difficult for him to find the right words. She thinks Alexander is “super nice” and “observant,” but she also honestly admits, “I’m afraid we’re not a good match. I don’t feel that much between us.”

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Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Alexander is leaving – free rein for Rolinka and Frank?

Alexander is less surprised – the 51-year-old feared and felt exactly these words. The lord of the manor feels confirmed in his perception and admits to the wine farmer: “I would have liked that we had just gotten to know each other. I was the only one who had the impression that unfortunately that was apparently not possible.” His logical consequence – a line in the balance.

In episode 5 of the fourth season “Bauer sucht Frau International”, Alex leaves the funky Rolinka’s winery. But there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood. Rolinka and Alexander hug goodbye. “I wish you all the best,” says Rolinka. Alexander is already disappointed, after all he wanted to get to know Rolinka. Nevertheless, the 51-year-old seems relieved. He wishes the wine farmer and her lord Frank all the best.

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Rolinka is positive about the coming time with Frank

Wine farmer and “Bauer sucht Frau International” participant Rolinka also seems relieved, because in an interview with RTL she admits: “I can’t imagine that I could fall in love with Alexander.” She sees Alexander more as a potential friend – he is you just too much love. It seems to be different with Frank.

Because he’s not going home yet. On the contrary, Rolinka goes to her remaining courtier immediately after saying goodbye to Alexander and tells him that the rival wants to leave and immediately sees the positive side of the situation: “I think if there are only two of us now, that’s better for us too , right?” – Frank is very happy and hugs Rolinka. Then free travel for the wine farmer and her lord in France! “Bauer sucht Frau International” fans can see how the first evening together goes on Monday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL.