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Farmer surprised at "Ghost apples" & # 39; on trees after Polar Vortex

Even if it is temporary, the polar vortex has completely reformed the face of the United States. But while some have big problems when dealing with the cold, others have fun. And not just surfers. CEO Andrew Sietsema pruned apple trees in an icy orchard in western Michigan when he stumbled across a rare phenomenon that ghost apples & # 39; ghost apples & # 39; was named.

"When I cut the tree, it would be shaken during the process, and the corn meal would slide out of the bottom of the" phantom apple, "" Andrew said. Bored Panda. "Most apples just fell off, ice cream and stuff, but quite a few would leave a cool" ghost apple "."

"I think it was just cold enough that the ice that covered the apple had not yet melted, but it was warm enough that the apple turned to make the mash complete (apples have a lower freezing point than water)."

"I'm sure you could find them in every orchard on the Ridge (near Sparta, MI), or at least an orchard where a few un-picked apples were hanging on the trees," he added. & # 39; Jonagold & # 39; is one of my favorite apple varieties, but we'll use this & # 39; Jonaghosts & # 39; to mention. "

According to Andrew, not many fruits and vegetables are able to get stunt out of this. "You could only find them on other fruits and vegetables if they had not been harvested and persisted in the winter, but most crops would not."

William Shoemaker, a retired fruit and vegetable horticulturist at the University of Illinois, told Forbes that those apples, left over from the harvest, just passed a week of "exceptionally cold weather" because of the polar vortex. "Besides being somewhat mummified, they can also be rotten," he said. "[If so,] they retain their shape, but their substance comes closer to the applesauce. "

When their temperature drops to about -18 ° C, their structure collapses and a few can "spit out" their rotten content successfully. " Although people may wonder why the apples do not freeze, Shoemaker reminded that the apple has a significant acid content, so it must be extremely cold before it also freezes.

People were really surprised to see this unusual phenomenon


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