In the current season of "Bauer sucht Frau" in 2018 farmers and their wives have had ups and downs so far. How it continues to run for the farmers.

The first week of the farm "Farmer Seeks a Wife" 2018 is over and the candidates had the opportunity to get to know the farmers and the life on their farm a little better. It has not worked well for all farmers. On Monday, November 5, the rollercoaster ride of emotions continued. "Farmer is looking for a wife" 2018: Matthias raves about "Taya"
Young farmer Matthias (23) was enthusiastic from the beginning of professional tennis player Tayisiya (21) and still has butterflies in his stomach. On a visit to his uncle Bernhard's farm, also a candidate for "Bauer sucht Frau", he starts swarming: "We get along really well and Taya is really hardworking you tell her, it's nice with her. " Bernhard notes the change in his nephew: "I would not know that I've ever seen him like that, so swarming with a woman." Tayisiya sees himself and Matthias also as a dream couple and thus does not keep behind the mountain. About the uncle of Matthias and his Annett she says: "Bernhard and Annett are already a sweet couple, but we are just sweeter."

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However, when the girl from Dortmund wants to play tennis with the young farmer, there is a problem. Matthias has never played tennis and no sports. "I've never met a man who does not have any sports gear," Tayisiya laughs. Matthias responds calmly: "As she has no work clothes for the yard, I have no sports." From his first awkward tennis attempts, the tennis pro shows enthusiastic. After the tennis lesson Matthias struggles to ask Tayisiya an important question: "Could you imagine that you will come to me more often? I can not leave here." Then Tayisiya, a professional tennis player on the road a lot, is optimistic: "If it works out with us, then we can manage to see each other, if you love yourself, it will not be a problem for me to play tennis and you are a farmer. " With this positive answer, the young farmer is more than relieved. Baby plans at "Bauer sucht Frau" 2018
Even with the other farmers, the feelings seem to overwhelm. Farmer Stephan (40) leads his Steffi through his house and makes no secret of his future plans. Steffi is enthusiastic about the big kitchen: "We can invite guests without end". Stephan announces: "Why guests? Four Bambinos!" Even for a baby room is already room with Stephan. Steffi is surprised by all this and lets these thoughts stand in the room. When Stephan also suggests a possible wedding in the farm's own chapel, the hairdresser replies boldly: "That does not fit, I have too many friends, they do not fit in here."
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