The agrarian protest has had a “positive” response from the Government but “insufficient” for the main agrarian organizations – COAG, Asaja and UPA – that will keep the mobilizations convened in the coming weeks. This was stated by the representatives of the Spanish producers after the Government approved on Tuesday a decree-law of urgent measures for the field that includes a good part of its claims.

“Farmers and ranchers should be proud of the mobilizations held these days because we have achieved a historical claim with the disappearance of the ‘sale at a loss’, but now we have to get to work to make the law work, “said UPA Secretary General Lorenzo Ramos, after meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Flat, for almost four hours.

The secretary general of COAG, Miguel Blanco, has added that still “some aspects are missing that these changes could improve as the mediator appears in the chain, cases of contracting between individual parties, direct sale, that there is a record of contracts, that the HORECA channel is included so that the law is extended “to other sectors” or the action on producer organizations.

For his part, the president of Asaja, Pedro Barato, has warned that there is still “much to do” not only in the field of prices, but also in the costs which for the most part “come from the State’s general budgets& rdquor ;. Among the claims are changes in the VAT of farmers, in electricity rates, investment in modernization or a greater provision in the case of agricultural insurance. “Do not accept cuts” in the financial framework that is being negotiated in Brussels, focus on imports of products from third countries or on labeling.

New promises from the Government

The Government, in addition to the package of measures launched on Tuesday, has committed with farmers and ranchers to maintain during this term the objective estimation regime singular in the IRPF – module system – and current bonuses on professional diesel. Planas has also confirmed that the intention of the Executive is increase agricultural insurance combined in “at least” 10% in the next PGE. At present, with the budget extended, they stand at 211 million euros, but they reached 320 million euros.

In the energy field, the minister has put on the table two lines of aid for a total value of 60 million euros. One of for encourage self-consumption and the use of renewable energies in the field valued at 30 million euros and another, for the same amount, for improve energy efficiency of irrigation and farms. In addition, the minister leaves “under study & rdquor; the possibility of reviewing the term of power in the rate for irrigation and reviewing the terms related to the installation of water in agriculture.

The minister has also pledged to “study” a necessary mechanism to establish effective compliance by the European Commission and the member states on the conditions of access of imported products to third countries and to perform communication campaigns concrete on “the importance for the whole of the Spanish society of the work of farmers and ranchers”.


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