Farmers in Brittany come face to face with the piece of a SpaceX rocket


Elon Musk can now place Quéménès, a small island located off the Finistère which has four inhabitants, on a map. And it’s not because of a sudden passion for the Iroise Sea and its islets that would have stung the president of You’re here but because an object found fortuitously on this piece of land belongs to it.
Farmers on the island have indeed fallen on what seems to be a piece of a rocket SpaceX, beached beachside. The island farm published Thursday, April 12 on social networks photo of a dome of 2, 5 m in diameter damaged by the sea, as reported by Huffington Post . A sea bathtub? A flying saucer ? are wondering with humor the farmers on Twitter .
Trouvaille last night on the foreshore of #Quemenes … But what will you say to me? A sea bathtub (why not!)? Honestly we do not have the answer yet but we found on this object (2.50 m in diameter anyway …) a small plate @spacex ! #rocket – Farm of Quéménès – Île d’Iroise (@Quemenes_Iroise) April 12, 2018

The inscription SpaceX, the name of the American company working in astronautics and spaceflight, is perfectly legible on the cabin that now sits in the Quemenes farm, after a tractor trip. According to the American astronomer Jonathan McDowel, it could be the nose of the Dragon capsule, a cargo ship developed for the NASA which supplies the International Space Station. The machine loses its nose as soon as it leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, says the Huffington Post, to fall into the immensity of the ocean. The sea current did the rest.


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