Farmers rely on apps to improve their production

Local agricultural entrepreneurs revealed their commitment to the use of apps to improve the results of their business models

Latin American platforms maintain their growth rate and, according to a survey by the Precision Agriculture and Precise Machinery Project, 9 out of 10 producers use digital apps and platforms.

The survey called “Use of Apps and/or digital platforms for efficient data management in agriculture” carried out by the Whileindicated that the 92% of respondents said they use apps.

However, a 67% of those surveyed revealed that they have fair or poor connectivity.

The text, signed by Mauro Raúl Bianco Gaido and published on the Inta website, indicates that “one of the main limitations in the implementation of technologies that link agricultural machinery and the generation of information in real time is the patchy connectivity that is given in different regions of our country“.

“However, they are data that are not lost and that are recorded in the storage systems of precision tools,” he stressed.

And he added: “But the impact that managing information in real time could have on decisions decreases significantly.”

9 out of 10 producers use digital apps and platforms

Connectivity problems: the big problem to overcome

“Two readings can be made. On the one hand, around the 73 % of the respondents declared to have between good and regular connectivity, but it can also be interpreted that almost the 70% (67%) would have fair to poor connectivity,” the statement detailed.

“Only the 4% would have zero connectivity,” the report underlined when explaining the percentages obtained in response to the query on the quality of connectivity that the respondents have in their respective areas, which can be seen below.

These percentages are directly related to the productive area where most of the establishments of the respondents are located (76%), corresponding mainly to the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdobay Santa Fe.

Apps and platforms for almost everyone

One of the striking data of the survey has to do with the very high percentage of respondents who stated that they routinely use applications, digital platforms or even a combination of both.

The 92% use themin a breakdown that heads the combined use (65%)followed by Apps (17%) and then by web platforms (10%).

According to the survey carried out, web platforms and apps are mainly used to check weather conditions, management of tasks such as planting, fertilization, spraying, harvesting, marketing, logistics, among others. just a scant 8% of those consulted recognized do not use any of the options.

According to the answers, a mapping was made with the most mentioned brand names, and it was observed that there is a large number of applications and platforms available that are dynamic in terms of their features.

These tools are constantly updated and improve in each of their versions based on the needs expressed by users, as well as due to the technological advances that agricultural machinery presents.