Farrah Abraham pulled the plug in her boxing match with Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander – just days before November 10 in Atlantic City – and the former "Teen Mom" ​​blames the organizer.

Farrah AbrahamThe 27-year-old should stand up to it Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in less than two weeks in the ring, but it looks like the epic fight is not telling Farrah HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, that the promoter of the fight Damon Feldman has not fulfilled his promises so she will not participate anymore. According to Farrah, the organizer violates the contract so she has no choice but to retire.

"Damon, the organizer, will not book correct flights for my people, for my coaches and my mother and daughter. He violates my contract. (He also promised) up to 32 rooms for celebrity guests, trainers and families. These are the things that the organizers agreed with and could not deliver, so they are a violation, and it's not my problem. I have to deal with them, but they keep posting the wrong flights, they do not do their business properly and they are unprofessional, "said Farrah. Yes, that does not sound like a good situation for us – we do not blame Farrah for bailing.

Another factor in Farrah's decision was her visit this morning (November 2) for her arrest in June 2018, which was due to a fight with an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Farrah escaped without jail and instead received two years probation and five days of work in the community. She was also assigned to complete 12 hours of anger management and is now banned in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Her happy break in avoiding the prison made Farrah think and vowed to change. She told fans in an Instagram live video on November 2 that she's taking the parole seriously, so she needs to avoid "bad situations" and that means the boxing match with celebrities is no longer an option for her.

Farrah said to her Instagram audience, "We're just leaving the court and I wanted to say that I'm really happy with how everything developed in court. It's just crazy that I thought my friends had a responsible situation and it turned out they were not friends. In the end, I have two months probation. This means that I'm not near bad people who put me in bad situations, and I think it's just a good reminder to share with all of us. 2018-2019 no more bad people around me, thanks, got me in trouble.

"That is, because the celebrity boxing, the responsible person, and the other organizers who are connected to each other can not know how to do business, and I can not put myself in an imprisonment situation where someone has publicly said He wanted to beat my face or things of this nature. I got myself into a bad situation again, a legal problem with the police. So, the best thing you should do is say "away from it", so that's what I have to do depending on my right, my anger management and all my church services.

"I love everyone, I am very fortunate to change my life for the better and not to be with bad people and do bad things to me. And I have to say that my body looks great from all the training. I was so ready for the celebrity boxing match. It really is a problem for me that I can not be there and I just wanted to go online today and say that I will not be there due to the situations that some people can not do right. I still do not even have my flight there, so they tried to make it my problem, but it's really them, and that's really sad and that really hurts. But shout to all the great coaches I had. I'm really sorry that I can not be in Atlantic City and that really annoys me, but I love you guys and thank you for all the warm wishes and happy that I've finished court and ended my anger management. Amazing! "We know that Farrah's fans will be disappointed that she will not see her showing her skills in the ring, but it's great when she makes mature decisions.


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