Fast Black seeks to get out of losers in La Rinconada with María Bruzual | Equestrianism 123

Ricardo Rengifo Peñalver / @RdeRicardinho

Fast Black, son of Jupiter Pluvius in Catira Luci reappears after a short break of 21 days without racing to now become the main candidate for victory in the eighth competition next Sunday, July 10 at the La Rinconada racetrack.

This grandson of Champlainborn in the You will make the spring comes from being involved in a controversial issue for driving Cindy Carrerobut coach Germán Rojas now trusts the resources of Maria Bruzual to achieve the long-awaited first victory on the track.

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This pupil of Stud MM He comes from making his best performance since his debut in La Rinconada, after arriving half a length ahead of the horse Strength Monster on June 19 at a distance of 1,200 meters.

Fast Black with unloading of six kilos by Maria Bruzual returns to 1,200 meters, but this time with a fast rival named My warriory Gesture who will be hunting for wear to finish off down the stretch.

The Great Return, Ram Power, Suliman, Boyante, Rey Patron, Thunder King, Winner Diego, y Mr. Williams They are the other participants of the commitment that distributes 3,136 dollars of additional special award.

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