Fast & Furious star Elsa Pataky never wanted to be famous

Everything turned out differently than planned. Elsa Pataky (45) discovered her love for acting when she was a teenager. In 1997, Chris Hemsworth’s (38) wife made her debut in front of the camera with a role in the Spanish television series “Al Salir de Clase”. She played her first major international role in 2011 in the fifth part of the Fast & Furious series. So Elsa is good in business – although the blonde actually never wanted to be famous.

In an interview with T Australia Magazine the Spaniard made a surprising confession. “I never dreamed of being a big star. I just wanted to be an actress”, she said. The plan probably backfired. After all, her new film “Interceptor” is coming to Netflix soon. In the action film, she plays a badass female Army lieutenant who must save the world when 16 nuclear missiles are launched in the United States.

Revealed in terms of her path to success Elsathat she would focus on the little things first. “I always say, ‘Set small goals and achieve them, that gives you the strength to keep going.'” Despite her successful career Elsa according to their own statements, most proud of their family with husband Chris. “Success is what feels right to you – it gives you a sense of confidence. For me, my family is also a success,” she explained.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, June 2019
Elsa Pataky, November 2019
Elsa Pataky, Model