Fasting is a successful treatment for anxiety and depression

Fasting is a successful treatment for anxiety and depression

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Dr. Atef Al-Najjar, Consultant Psychiatrist, said that fasting is a great psychological treatment especially during the month of Ramadan. As we enter, we hear a lot of information about the happiness of fasting and the beautiful spirituality. It is undoubtedly a positive effect on mental health. Rest and tranquility are due to the direct effects of fasting and the hormonal balance associated with it, which was agreed upon by the most studies, the most important of which is the increased secretion of endorphins, which is a natural morphine of the body, adding that fasting helps to improve the mood and human ability to deal with stress, And helps to reduce the amount of glucose that reaches the brain and during which the nervous system increase its functional effectiveness and the positive effects of fasting on mental health Skip fasting to the stage of abstinence from food and drink to the stage of spiritual elevation of the fasting as a religious activity. On the most important aspects of the spiritual development of the fasting person, which has a positive impact on the psychological state. Al-Najjar said that Ramadan increases social cohesion and is directed towards adherence to Islamic ethics. Fasting also plays a positive role in the treatment plan for chronic diseases. The fasting person does not suffer from serious adverse effects. Based on these factors, psychological pressure can improve gradually in Ramadan, Anxiety and depression in this spirituality. We thank you to visit our website and if you have any questions regarding this news, fasting is a successful treatment for anxiety and depression. Please let us know or leave a comment below.
Source: Al-Riyadh Newspaper

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