Fat Rangsit reveals problems, quarrels with his wife frequently, accepts him as a person who doesn’t like staying at home.

“I went to do my personal life. Go to the gym, play basketball, or do whatever you want to do.” fat, explain

side Mango Fat Wife Rangsit gave reasons for not wanting her husband to leave the house saying Recently, there is a dangerous covid, which she herself wants to go out to travel. She likes it very much, but can’t go because she has a child. be careful she wants to meet friends want to go shopping outside I want to drink like this, but I can’t because it’s dangerous. The husband understood that he wanted to travel. Want to exercise, but be careful, not forcing you to go, which before having children, he can go anywhere.

“Most important I have to take care of this child. I’m not good at raising children. It’s the first time, so I’m not satisfied. Can you help me? If you don’t help me get a nanny, he won’t give up,” Mango explained.

side fat added that the nanny I used to have one for a while, but I didn’t like it. At first, he said that he had no job, he lost his job, so he said that he could do it himself. What you want to do, do it yourself. So.. you can agree. and started wanting to live my own life too want to go out I wanted to go out and make my own life, so I found a nanny for him. But when it arrived, it didn’t like it. During this time, the mother-in-law came to help take care of the child instead. I’ll be looking for a nanny next month.

The presenter asked back. “Is it true that since I have children, my wife is very complaining?”

Mango: Actually, I don’t like complaining, but when I have a child, I can complain.
Fat: Actually, both of them complained.

“Yes, this is correct. He’s a lot of complaining. He’s clean, but the mango is a little dirty. But having a baby and being a mother is very busy. It can’t be 100 percent clean. This is acceptable. He must understand me. How tired am I?” Mango reveals in its own view

Fat Rangsit reveals problems, quarrels with his wife frequently, admits to being a person who doesn't like staying at home  Since having children, I rarely go anywhere.

Ouan Rangsit immediately added that He complains about his children. Come and take care of them. Most of them are like this, while the wife secretly reveals that he actually likes to look at mobile phones. about work Or look at women or not, I don’t know. and the mangoes are taking care of the children Seeing it doesn’t feel good. So.. let’s look at your child. Say something like this. You’re always grumpy.

“I don’t like the fact that my husband is sleeping comfortably. but maybe read some plays Think of content to make your own channel. talk to customers It does many things. So maybe play a lot on the phone. which is explained is to go in and go out Let’s take care of the child first Roha is very stubborn lately. and very tired Caring for children is the most exhausting task. Filming a drama day and night is not as tiring as taking care of the children.” Uan explained.

Before fat answered the rumored issue that Build a house as a gift for wife 15 million. Yes, in fact, he always has gifts for his wife during the festive season, only that he has a short memory, can’t remember much, like when booking to build a house about a year ago. he’s so happy But now that he was just starting to pass out, he was starting to feel that it was over for that place. which he planned to move in in time for June because it’s his birthday so you don’t have to buybirthday gift

Fat Rangsit reveals problems, quarrels with his wife frequently, admits to being a person who doesn't like staying at home  Since having children, I rarely go anywhere.

“At home, my head hurts again. He allowed me to build my own house without having to buy it in the village. because I can’t buy it in the village and if so Decorate the house, he decides all. Then he will only choose expensive things. then let me pay But I have to say that those who earn money work together.” fat open minded

Before Oun Rangsit explained that he had just bought a new house for 15 million but moved to Korea that The wife will always miss home. and want to live in korea No matter how big the house in Thailand is He also prefers to live in Korea. even a small room He also likes to live in Korea. feel happier He said that if so, he could sacrifice and go to Korea permanently. But first you have to sell everything. because I don’t want to worry If you have a home, you have to worry again. But the only request is that he has to find a job for himself. But he doesn’t let him work. He was bored of using them to raise their children at home alone.

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