Father Imprisoned, Mother Dies, This is the Story of an Elementary School Student who was “Expelled” by a Class Teacher in Samarinda – Musdalidah (10), an elementary school student in Samarinda, was allegedly kicked out by her teacher from the classroom during an exam on Tuesday (31/5/2022).

At that time Musdalifah came to school for the first time after the face-to-face learning was opened.

Musdalifah and his sister, Merlin (9) are orphans. The mother died three years ago and the father was imprisoned for being involved in a criminal case.

Musdalifah and his sister also live with their aunt, Siti Manuwatah (37).

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They live in a simple wooden house on Jalan Pangeran Bendahara Gang Pertenunan RT 02, Kleurahan Tenun, Samarinda Seberang District.

Siti has four children. With Musdalifah and her sister, Siti and her husband have to raise six children. Meanwhile, her husband’s job is odd.

No cell phone, too small uniform

During the pandemic, Musdalifah rarely took online lessons because he didn’t have an adequate cell phone.

He only has a used cell phone that is often damaged so that he is not effective in studying. Because of this condition, he always missed lessons.

“He has a cellphone. But he often gets errors. He lives and dies while learning online until it breaks, he can’t use it anymore,” said Siti, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

Siti also told me that when she met face-to-face, it was Musdalifah’s turn to be too small.

Because there was no uniform, Musdalifah did not go to school. Siti tried to find an old neighbor’s uniform, but it wasn’t there.

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Eventually the information spread until the student received uniforms from social volunteers in Samarinda.

Monday (30/5/2022), the first day of the promotion test begins. However, a new team of volunteers brought Musdalifah to buy a uniform.

After being bought, the next day, he entered school accompanied by a volunteer.

On Tuesday (31/5/2022), Musdalih took the face-to-face class promotion exam at school. during the pandemic, he came to school for the first time.

However, after entering the classroom, he was asked to go home by the teacher.

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“Because the child just came down (to take the exam), his friends shouted at him. But there was an emotional teacher asking the child to go home and call the parents/guardians,” said Samarida Education Agency Head Asli Nuryadin, telling the chronology when contacted, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

Because she was asked to go home, Musdalifah left the class and did not take the exam. When he left the class, he was bullied by other students with shouts.

The student walked to the side of the road in front of the school, then cried while hugging his bag.

When she was sent home, a volunteer named Mamat came to the SDN and mediated so that Musdalifah would continue to take the exam.

With a crying condition, Musdalifah was led back into the classroom to meet his homeroom teacher.

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At that time, Mamat asked his homeroom teacher to allow Musdalifah to continue taking the exam. The request was accepted, but provided that Musdalifah did not go up.

“The homeroom teacher said so. So I asked Musda (Musdalifah) if he wanted to go to school, but he didn’t go to class. This child wants it, as long as he goes to school,” said Mamat.

Finally, that day, Musdalifah was allowed to take the exam. However, after the exam was over, he returned home sad again.

Visited by the mayor

After the case was widely discussed, the Mayor of Samarinda Andi Harun also visited the residence of elementary school students on Monday (6/6/2022). He called the case just a misunderstanding.

“Not like the crowd on social media,” said Andi Harun.

Andi Harun said that the teacher’s intention was to discipline the students because they had not shown up for a long time.

“Because the school has also been looking for the child, but the information has been cut off,” he continued.

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Since then, the school is not aware of his whereabouts. Andi denied the student was expelled.

He was only asked by the teacher to come home to bring his parents/guardians to see him.

“But the translation was expelled. But, why did the teacher ask him to go home, he should have just let him take the exam,” said Asli.

SOURCE: (Author: Zakarias Demon Daton | Editor: Khairina)

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