Father kills 6-year-old son, throws his body in the Ping River Claiming to be punished for being stubborn to bully the villagers

Ruthless father kills 6-year-old son, throws his body into the Ping River Claiming to be punished for being stubborn The police asked him to tell him where he left the body. will bring the funeral of the younger brother to make merit

(Sept. 19, 65) Pol. Col. Anek Chansorn, Deputy Commander of Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Police, Pol. Col. Somchai Mongkolwong, Superintendent of Khlong Khlung Police Station. Along with the police investigative team at Khlong Khlung Police Station, Kamphaeng Phet Province, together with the Sawang Kamphaeng Phet Rescue Volunteer Team, more than 30 soldiers were brought in to search for the body of Nong Nick, a 6-year-old boy who was murdered by the 33-year-old Prime Minister Koch or Ball.

In which at first, Prime Minister Koch refused to tell the place where Nick’s body was dumped. until the police had to talk to the perpetrators asking them to tell the truth because the child’s funeral will be brought to make merit

In the end, Mr. Korat He agreed to tell the police the truth that the child’s body had been thrown around the bank of the Ping River, Moo 1, Wang Yang Subdistrict, Khlong Khlung District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. C wears an orange short-sleeved T-shirt. red plaid shorts in a state of lying face down in the water on the bank

Volunteers then brought the body up from the banks of the Ping River. Then the doctor on duty at Khlong Khlung Hospital A preliminary autopsy revealed that there were several wounds on the face, the tail of the left eyebrow, and the right lip. neck area under chin The chest area has a bruise. and the inside of the right leg has a deep hole wound The police will send the body for an autopsy on the cause of death in detail again at the forensic pathology of Sawan Pracharak Hospital.

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incident It is a very shocking event in Kamphaeng Phet Province. A good citizen came to inform the police that the child was missing, so the police asked the child’s father to come and give more information. but found that the father Let the dubious maze before confessing that he had hurt his child until his death and dispose of the body in the Ping River

The boy’s father recounts the incident. The incident occurred from September 17, 65, in the middle of the night, he was drunk and returned home. and then proceeded to beat physically abused Nick before going to bed Then on Sunday morning, Sept. 18, 65, he came to wake the child and found that the child had frozen and died. So I took the child on a motorcycle. by holding a dead body sitting in front of a motorcycle and then dumped it at the point where the body was found. Then went back to work as a contractor in Kamphaeng Phet town. like nothing happened

The perpetrator reasoned that The neighbor came to say that Nick had pranked the neighbor’s child until he broke his teeth and damaged things. Ask him to punish the child. When he returned from work, he took action to punish the child. He dropped his heavy hand and threw the ball onto the ground and hit countless strikes.

Pol Col Anek Chansorn, deputy commissioner of Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Police, said the incident was a murder. Father kills 6-year-old son in shocking case In this case, a good citizen went to report a missing child. Klong Khlung Police Station investigative team has searched for news. So he followed his father and asked.

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Initially, the police were not convinced that the real cause. who attacked the child until his death is that the child is stubborn to the point of hurting the body of another child But it is expected to be related to quarrels and anger with their own wife. because the wife has a new boyfriend So came down to the child, hit the child with irony, the police gave more weight to that direction. However, a thorough investigation of both the parents and those involved will be conducted again.

Meanwhile, Pol Lt. Col. Chatchanon Sanitmak, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Khlong Khlung Police Station (the owner of the case), has let the investigative team go to the area to look at all the CCTV cameras to find evidence in the prosecution.

According to the information, it was found that Mr. Koch Sangthap, the perpetrator, had a relationship with and had a child with Mrs. Penchit Saelee, aged 26, for more than 8 years, and had three children together, with Nong Nick being the middle child.