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Father’s Day 2021 in Cologne: What’s going on during the Corona Pandie?

by archyw

Cologne –

Men, you must be brave tomorrow. May 13th will be perhaps the saddest Father’s Day ever. Let yourself be celebrated with friends. And the cups and bottles even higher. To happiness and life – no, it won’t work.

  • The second Corona Father’s Day comes on May 13th
  • There are only a few places in Cologne where there is no mask requirement
  • The city of Cologne expects few violations

Instead of a boozy Ascension Day, for better or worse, it is better to stay at home! Or run away on your own. But how and where?

Father’s Day in Cologne: What is allowed in the corona pandemic?

One thing is clear: two households – a maximum of five people – may meet (children under 14 not counted). Also with people who have had full vaccination protection or an infection plus a PCR test. But that’s about it.

Because the city emphasizes the top priority: celebrations and parties are prohibited in the private and public areas! So the handcart with music and beer crate actually has to stop.

Anyone planning a walk through the city with Wegbier tomorrow – won’t work either! On many well-known streets, for example from the cathedral via Schildergasse to Neumarkt or parallel to Breitestrasse / Ehrenstrasse / Belgisches Viertel: mask compulsory Also Severinstrasse, Eigelstein, Bonner Strasse – mask surgery everywhere!

In most Cologne squares there is a mask requirement and alcohol is prohibited

So follows the second commandment of the city: Eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited in all areas where a mask is required. In the shadow of the cathedral, on the Alter Markt, Theo-Burauen-Platz or the Gülichplatz, you can’t even linger. Likewise, from 3 p.m. on Brusselser Platz is no place for a break. And from 3 p.m. there is also a strict ban on alcohol consumption around Stadtgarten, Schaafenstraße, Zülpicher Viertel.

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Those who want to look for space on the well-known green spaces are also unlucky: Stadtgarten and the surrounding area, the entire Aachener Weiher including the park up to Bachemer Straße and the Volksgarten, but also on the right bank of the Rhine, the Rheinboulevard, Rheinpark and Jugendpark / Mülheimer Hafen, also on the top of the dam between Deutzer Harbor and Rhine – mask compulsory everywhere and therefore: Eating and drinking prohibited!

Father’s Day in Cologne: Where is there no mask requirement?

So where are we going? There is no mask requirement in the green belt in the shadow of the Colonius. Or in the outer green belt and in the city forest from Klettenberg to Lindenthal. Or in the beautiful forest botanical garden. But barbecues and alcohol consumption are strictly forbidden there too!

The police, who will be present together with the public order office, are not preparing for any major conflicts because of the curfew from 9 p.m. and the poor weather: “We expect a peaceful day,” said a spokesman for EXPRESS.

Because even Petrus doesn’t give a Father’s Day mood this time: “At least the weather isn’t such that you’d miss a great opportunity on Thursday if you stay inside,” says meteorologist Malte Witt from the German Weather Service. Heavy showers at 15 to 20 degrees – a day to stay at home or alone.


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