Faure GNASSINGBE, in line with the insurance of municipal councilors – Togolese Television

The Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé wants to guarantee health insurance coverage to all municipal councilors in Togo. To do this, Payadowa Boukpéssi, Minister of Territorial Administration of Decentralization and Territorial Development, invites the Mayors to send him the complete list of local elected officials with or without insurance. And this, well before Thursday, April 29, 2021.

The Minister of State wants by Thursday, the updated list of City Councilors with or without any insurance.

According to Mr. Boukpessi, some Mayors who have not yet given a favorable response to his letter of December 28, 2020, relating to the list of Councilors with or without insurance.

“This delays the process of signing the contract to formalize the will of the President of the Republic to offer free health insurance coverage to all advisers”, indicates Minister Payadowa Boukpessi before continuing: “To do this, I ask everyone to update this information by listing all the municipal councilors of their municipality while providing information on the type of insurance possibly taken out in the format”.

Attaching value to this reminder, the Minister of State insists that the format be duly completed, and sent for any useful purpose, to Mr. LOGONOU Luc, director of planning, and DPSE monitoring and evaluation.