Fauve Hautot very tactile with Tayc, many wandering hands

Once again, the big night of Dance with the stars kept all of its promises. A show during which certain duets particularly shone, as was notably the case of Tayc who demonstrated an impressive bond with Fauve Hautot. Also, this isn’t the first time the couple have confirmed how comfortable they are together. A story Instagram published by the singer proves it unequivocally. Objection explains everything in great detail.

Dance with the stars : Wildcat Hautot and Tayc, a small gesture that does not go unnoticed

A magnificent spectacle

For this new premium of Dance with the stars, all the candidates redoubled their efforts to present a performance which once again was of high quality. Even if at the end of the evening, Lucie Lucas unfortunately had to leave the adventure, the public was delighted to have attended a high quality show. An evening during which Bilal Hassani for example delivered a high-level performance in a frenzied rumba while Gérémy Crédeville literally burst the screen. From key moments of this new issue of Dance with the stars, Tayc and Fawn Hautot have also managed to do well.

Dressed in a magnificent red leather jacket, the singer effectively captivated the audience in a jive high flight in the company of his partner. A performance quickly greeted by Chris Marquez visibly very impressed: “I loved it and in addition, you improve your technique every time”. An opinion shared by the public who gave the duo a score of 9.2, the best score of the evening. In any case, Tayc and Fawn Hautot had prepared the event by being very conscientious. Indeed, some images of their training shows how much they have already given everything during the rehearsals. A sequence in which a small detail has caught the attention of Internet users. Objection explains everything to you.

Wandering hands

In a story posted on his account Instagram, Tayc effectively shares with his subscribers a video that allows them to discover the rather intensive training he had the day before with Fauve Hautot. Rehearsals that took place on the set of Dance with the stars and which allowed the couple to refine the last details of their choreography. However, the footage also revealed just how Fauve Hautot and Tayc are extremely accomplices. A scene which obviously is not gone unnoticed.

Indeed, when worn, Fauve Hautot finds himself upside down behind his partner. She thus takes the opportunity to fully grasp the butt of Tayc. It did not therefore take more to arouse a large number of amused reactions to the obvious complicity which now binds the new candidate of Dance with the stars and the show professional. In any case, it proves how their understanding is perfect, both on set and behind the scenes. This is perhaps the reason why they arrive every week to deliver services highly appreciated by the judges who seem to see them as potential winners.

A rather intense season

Indeed, since the beginning of Dance with the stars, some couples demonstrate a real ease. There also seems to be a difference in level, which has allowed several duos to stand out from the crowd to climb among the best in the standings. Among the top three, Bilal Hassani, day from Teese and Tayc could therefore be among the favorites. This is why the judges decided on October 29, 2021 to have them compete together. The three best couples on the show actually competed to make the exercise more difficult. Moreover, it was not the only surprise of the evening since a fifth judge was invited to the competition. Since this bonus, the public present in the room has indeed now a say.

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In summary, this seventh bonus of Dance with the stars kept all its promises as evidenced by the reactions of viewers visibly very enthusiastic after this evening. But even if all the services were up to the event, it was time at the end to designate the one who would leave the adventure. A little game to which Lucie Lucas finally lost since the famous actress therefore definitively leaves the competition. Far from showing resentment, she also took the opportunity to take the situation with humor: “Children, mom is coming home”.

Dance with the stars: Fauve Hautot very close and tactile with Tayc, many wandering hands