Favorite Samuel Giger wins the evening swing in Engelburg.


Top favorite Samuel Giger leaves nothing to chance in Engelburg and wins all courses

Thurgau’s top wrestler triumphs at the evening wrestling of the St.Gallen city association on the Engelburg sports field. The victory in fourth gear against co-Kilchberg winner Damian Ott is decisive.

Confident: Samuel Giger celebrates after his victory in Engelburg.

Photo: Benjamin Manser

The favored Thurgau Samuel Giger prevailed in the final round after 39 seconds with a short shot against Nicola Wey from Zurich. Giger was in great shape all evening and defeated all opponents. In fourth gear with Damian Ott also the Schwinger, who defeated him last year in the final round of the mountain festival at Schwarzsee. Ott, who won his other five fights, finished second.

Schlegel had to sign off

On Saturday evening from 5 p.m., around 1879 spectators watched the traditional evening swing of the St.Gallen municipal association on the Engelburg sports field in early summer conditions. The active showed the numerous visitors attractive and high-quality wrestling food. With some pairings, the attentive spectator sensed that a federal wrestling festival will take place this year. The wrestlers from all St.Gallen sub-associations as well as all cantons of the north-east Swiss wrestling association tried to challenge the favorite Giger.

Samuel Giger won the encounter between the two Kilchberg winners against Damian Ott.

Samuel Giger won the encounter between the two Kilchberg winners against Damian Ott.

Photo: Benjamin Manser

After Werner Schlegel canceled due to illness, his nominally strongest challengers were Damian Ott, who was subsequently registered as co-winner of the Kilchberger Schwinget 2021, and Martin Herrsche, a Swiss from Appenzell. The OK, consisting of the wrestling association of St.Gallen and the surrounding area and the Engelburg fire brigade association, offered the active and young wrestlers perfect conditions.

Strong performance by the city association

The wrestlers from the organizing wrestlers’ association of the city of St.Gallen and the surrounding area knew how to convince the majority. The two Mörschwilers Fabian Rüegg (3c) and Lars Geisser (3e) finished third. The young Wittenbacher Andy Signer also showed himself from his best side and was classified 5b.

The final ranking of Engelburg.

The final ranking of Engelburg.

Big Buebeschwingt

Around 200 young wrestlers from the cantons of St.Gallen, Thurgau and Zurich showed their skills during the day in summer weather conditions. They swung in four categories for the day’s victory. The respective category winners are: Kobler Lars (born 2013/2014), Böhi Severin (born 2011/2012), Rhyner Lorin (born 2009/2010) and Siegenthaler Yanick (born 2007/2008).