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FBI investigates for misrepresentation about Model 3 against Tesla

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The bumpy start of production of the hopefuls Model 3 has cost Tesla a lot of nerves. The FBI has a media report, according to more questions.

The US electric car maker Tesla threatened after a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission apparently again new legal trouble. According to a newspaper report, the FBI is working hard to determine whether the company has misrepresented tech billionaire Elon Musk for the production of its hopefuls Model 3. The prosecution of Tesla led by the US Attorney General in San Francisco has been intensified in recent weeks, the source said Wall Street Journal on Friday citing inaugurated circles.

Tesla's press office acknowledged on demand that the Justice Department had requested documents this year on the forecasts of the Model 3 production. However, that had happened months ago, they had cooperated with the request and since then received no further inquiries and no summons. At the start of the production of the Model 3 Tesla had set on transparency and dealt with the problems openly, the statement continues.

There were no comments on the report from the Department of Justice and the San Francisco Public Prosecutor. At the stock market, Tesla's stock initially lost all of its significant gains but was able to catch up quickly.

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Turbulent time for Tesla

Tesla has a turbulent time behind him. The sluggish production start of the Model 3 was nerve-wracking and devoured a lot of money. In addition, Musk caused a lot of excitement with some actions. In August, he shocked the markets with the utterly surprising and quickly canceled plan to take Tesla off the stock exchange. It was followed by complaints from investors.

Tesla recently closed this legal construction site: Musk agreed in September on a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which had sued him for market manipulation.

On Wednesday, Tesla put then for the first time in two years before black numbers. The bottom line was a surplus of 312 million dollars (274 million euros) in the three months to the end of September. It is the highest quarterly profit since Tesla's IPO in 2010. Revenues increased nearly 130 percent to $ 6.8 billion, on the back of the model 3's brisk sales. (AP)

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