FC Barcelona: Bara must release 200 million of salary after the renewal of Messi, according to RAC1




Nor is it no secret that he Barcelona He is forced to lighten his workforce this summer to be able to square the box and adapt to the salary cap of LaLiga. In this line, RAC 1 has reported this Friday that the entity must release around 200 million euros in salary bill once the renewal of the Leo Messi.

Therefore, to keep the captain, the entity must make an effort to comply with the economic margins. The continuity of the attacker brings a lot of revenue in the form of sponsorship and branding to the club, but it also forces the institution to tighten its belt.

Therefore, the institution must lighten those 200 kilos. It should not be forgotten that the wage bill now represents 110 percent of income and fair play Financial sets the cap at 70 percent. Against this background, it is clear how much the entity must cut.

Ya adverta Joan Laporta that the situation was complicated and explained a few days ago that, for every 100 million who released, only 25 could enter and that is a very narrow ratio.

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Therefore, the Barcelona He is working on the exit operation urgently, waiting for the captain’s yes not to be delayed. You need to transfer footballers with a very high salary to be able to balance the salary bill.

They are in talks with other Catalans to adjust their salary to the current situation of the institution. Therefore, Laporta It has to reduce 200 million of the wage bill in record time and with the clubs affected economically because of the pandemic.

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