FC Barcelona | Barça’s roadmap after approving the levers


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The club will now have sufficient financial resources to implement its strategic recovery plan in order to get out of the economic crisis

First, close the 21-22 academic year with benefits, then close the casualties and work on the signings until August 30

The majority support of the committing members of FC Barcelona to the two proposals of the Board of Directors presented at the Extraordinary Assembly, they give the Barça entity sufficient economic resources to launch its strategic recovery plan in order to get out of the economic crisis.

What will happen from now? FC Barcelona will have to announce and explain which of the two approved levers it will activate first, whether the sale of BLM or the package for the transfer of television rights. Or maybe both. The first objective of the club is clear: the money will have to be deposited in the account before June 30 in order to close the 2021-2022 season with profits after having recorded losses of 480 million euros in the last year. That will be the top priority, moving from negative equity to positive equity. And considering that we are only fourteen days away from finishing the course, it is an urgency.

Once those assets are sold, FC Barcelona will have the necessary calm to face the remodeling of the 22-23 squad. The first section will be to communicate to all the players with whom he does not have Xavi They must leave the club. And it will not be an easy task, because before entering you have to let yourself out. The club’s sports area hopes that before July 31 only those essential footballers remain in the squad.

The famous ‘fair play’

In parallel, with the ‘fair play’ corrected and the wage bill of the first team within the parameters required by the Professional Football League (it would go from the 1/3 rule to the 1/1 rule), Barça will attack without hurry, but without pauses, the additions you are working on. Time is given to close the template until August 30.

The two levers approved by the Assembly of committing partners will allow FC Barcelona to enter some 500 million euros. And we must take into account that he still has another asset that he can put on the market when he sees fit: up to 49.9% of Barça Studios. That ‘lever’ was already approved at the last General Assembly last October.