FC Barcelona: Barcelona swells the sale of its levers with 150 million euros

El FC Barcelonaas reported by Pedro Morata in El Partidazo de Cope, has put money from his own pocket to accountably inflate the sale price of the first two levers: the sale of 25% of the TV rights to Sixth Street. Specifically in €150 million.

The Bara assures, officially, having sold the first two levers for 667 millionwhen in reality, according to the information, Sixth Street would have only paid 517 kilos. The other 150 would have been put by the Barça clubwith the aim of inflating the figures.

El Bara had communicated the operation saying that Sixth Street was investing 517 million, which would produce a capital gain of 667. Later, Laporta in Manhattan said that those 667 had been counted and that he hoped there would be no differences of interpretation with LaLiga. An interpretation difference of 150 million in fair-play to register signings is a more than important amount. For fair-play purposes, in a season, the signings of Lewandowski, Raphinha and Kound they are about 80 million.

The difference between having those 150 kilos or not having them is not having to sell the other two levers of 49% of Only Studios for 200 million. And Barcelona’s procedure to reach those figures was as follows, according to Pedro Morata.

Sixth Street appears in Barca’s life. A Sixth Street lo trae Key Capital whose founders are Borja Prado and Anash Laghari. Barca and Sixth Street create a subsidiary company called Locksley Invest S.L.. They both have 50%. El Bara then sells his television rights for life to said company. Sixth Street buys only the rights for a period of 25 years and for an amount of 517 million. El Bara puts another 150 of his money to buy their own rights to, from annuity number 26 (in the year 2048) onwards.

So Barcelona, ​​once this ‘trick’ has been done, receives from Locksley Invest SL 667 million for that 25% sold. But of those 667, 150 have been put by Bara himself. The operation is accepted by the new company that is in charge of the Barça audit, Grant Thorntonforcing the subsidiary company to have the rights for life.

The explanation for this ruse is that the club tried to get LaLiga to accept an income of 667 million for fair-play purposes, but in LaLiga they told him no. Because Bara really received only 517 million ‘clean’. Since the interpretation was not favourable, they have been forced to hastily sell the other two levers for 200 million more.