FC Barcelona: Freixa: “Cristiano al Barça? If there is a moment for that madness it is now …”

Toni Freixa think it’s a good time for him Barça try the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. In the La Portería program, broadcast on Betevé, the candidate for the presidency of the culé team commented on the club’s current affairs and on Barça’s imperative need for a goal, he made his preference clear.

“Cristiano Ronaldo to Barça? If there is a moment to do that madness, “Freixa commented.

The former manager believes that the instability of the United in the Premier with its much discussed coach and the shortcomings that Barça has in his lead could lead to a possible arrival of the Portuguese, 36, to the Camp Nou.

Toni Freixa He also participated in Esport3, where he valued the arrival of Xavi Hernández on Barça bench and about him internal regime that the technician wants to impose He confessed that he does not believe that “he came up with the idea of ​​imposing fines and persecuting the player. I think he wants to convince them of an idea, make them play in a way, make them enjoy. “