FC Barcelona: Laporta: “Let everyone prepare because we are back”

Joan Laporta has been euphoric with the present and, above all, with the future of the Barcelona. The president who has assured that the entity is resurfacing at a sporting level and that it will soon do so on an economic level, which will allow it to face outstanding signings, such as that of Erling Haaland. In fact, the Catalan lawyer insisted, on the presentation wheel of Ferran Torres, that his arrival, and that of any crack, is possible. The president sent a clear message to the other entities and rivals: the Only he’s back.

Ask Laporta about Haaland: “Everything is possible”

Bara’s economy and the market

“We continue to be a reference in the football market. Everyone can get ready because we are back. We are a reference, and the example is that Ferran is here. We are resurfacing”.

Options to sign Haaland

“I don’t want to talk about players. It doesn’t benefit us because their value increases. We reinforce the positions that the coach wants. Bara is a reference in the market. We are working to improve the squad, soon we will see Bara resurface. We are working to have a competitive team. Xavi gave his approval to Ferran. The team is being rebuilt and anything is possible. Bara continues to be a benchmark. We have regained the specific weight we have. All the great players are considering the possibility of coming to Bara. We have to have We take many parameters into account, sports and also economics. We are progressing well. Anything is possible. We have rejoined LaLiga, we will compete in the Cup, we have the Super Cup in Arabia, which we will try to win, and we are in the Europa League… It implies some needs that we will try to respond to. We are happy with Ferran and the other reinforcements planned for winter will be announced when they occur. We work calmly. illity. We are on the way to make incorporations in winter, and we also work in the medium term”.

Inscription by Ferran

“The winter market is difficult. The CVC operation is not contemplated in the proposed conditions, we do not need to borrow more, we already have enough. We are still open to our needs. The operation as it is is not interesting for us. Today or tomorrow we will register Alves and we hope to register Ferran as soon as possible. The winter market does not have a CVC.”

Signing of Ferran

“It’s a spectacular signing. Ferran Torres has shown a lot of desire to come to Bara and I want to thank him. And to all the people who have worked for him to come, especially Jordi Cruyff, Mateu Alemany… and his agents. I’m sure that will make all the culs happy. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.”

Haaland and the next season

“With Ferran we have made an exception, we have signed him before being able to register him. We are working. We are planning the next season. It is our obligation and responsibility. Anything is possible if it is done well. I am sure it will turn out very well”.