FC Barcelona makes a decision with Rúben Neves

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It is clear that creating a squad like that of FC Barcelona is a daunting task. More if we take into account the current economic situation of the club, drowned by the Financial Fair Play. Despite the execution of the levers last summer, Barça will not be able to use this asset for the summer transfer market, which is just around the corner.

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With several open fronts, the continuity or replacement of Sergio Busquets is one of the highest priority issues in Aristides Maillol. In recent months, many players have approached Barça to replace Busi. Future free agents like Jorginho or Kanté, budding stars like Martin Zubimendi or Rúben Neves, the player with the least convergence.

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Rúben Neves, discarded

Thus, despite having his signing on track, the Wolverhampton midfielder will not end up in Barcelona. According to information from Sport, the difference of opinion between the sports management and the coaching staff of Barça. Approached to the blaugrana entity from the past summer, finally the FC Barcelona has decided to descartar the incorporation of him.

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A free agent in 2024, Xavi does not consider Neves a valid pivot for Barça’s scheme, but rather sees him as an interior player. Although Barça, through the Laporta-Mendes relationship, had brought the signing closer, everything indicates that Neves will stay in the Premier League. Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool, attentive to the situation of the Portuguese.