FC Barcelona: Song: “I didn’t mind being a bench warmer for Bara”




Ehe was a player of the Barcelona between 2012 and 2016, Alex Song, recalled how his signing for the Barça entity was in a talk with his compatriot, the Cameroonian who plays for the NBA, Pascal Siakam. Song has no problem admitting that what moved him to wear the Bara shirt was more money than anything else.

The signing

“When Barcelona offered me a contract and I saw how much I would earn, I didn’t think twice. I felt that my wife and children should have a comfortable life once I finish my career. I met the sporting director and he told me not to play many games, but I didn’t care, I knew that now it would make me a millionaire. I didn’t give a shit about being a bench warmer at Camp Nou for the money I earned.”

a spendthrift

“Most footballers live beyond their means. I was at Arsenal for eight years, but only started making a living in the last four, when I realized what a waste it was.”

I bought the same car as Henry and had to return it after two weeks. My money was going on gasoline”

Henry’s car

“I was going to train and I saw Thierry Henry show up with a real gem of a car. I told myself that I wanted the same car at all costs. I went to the dealer and bought the same one. But I swear I had to return it after two months, all my money was going on gas.