FC Barcelona | The Barça follows paying the errors of the past

09/25/2022 at 08:00


Barça does not deserve to experience the Kafkaesque situation that it is suffering. This week has been in the news for extra-sports reasons, the victim of a chain of interconnected complaints and leaks. A tour of situations incomprehensible propitiated by mistakes of the past. A very heavy load that affects the image and prestige of the entity. Complicated situations, frustrating experiences. This does not happen in any other club in the world.

The most surprising and unfortunate thing is that all this happens when the equipment works. When Xavi manages to raise the illusion of the fans. The Camp Nou fills up again. Laporta takes forward an economic situation that seemed doomed to bankruptcy. The institutional crisis goes back and the cruising speed is recovered. The partners feed hopes with a game that overcomes the post-Messi trauma.

It is clear that Barça pays a high price for a corrupt and manipulated police/judicial system. In a serious country, it would be inadmissible for confidential information to be trafficked without embarrassment or punishment. Here it is normal and has no consequences. Contracts, WhatsApp, emails and private meetings spread through social networks like wildfire, exploding in public opinion without worrying about the consequences.

Messi doesn’t understand anything. The more trouble arises, the more difficult it will be to rebuild lost trust. He has become the pim-pam-pum of a certain Madrid press that has never forgiven him for the successes he achieved with the Blaugrana shirt. Pique has been left naked by leaking his super millionaire contract. His image is dismantled and his dream of being president of Barça one day is buried in the trunk of controversy. Bartomeu hides under the stones. Everyone points to him as guilty but he still thinks he did well. But this does not end here unfortunately. The Barça Gate trial progresses between evidence and secrets. It is a minor issue at an economic level but a mountain as big as a volcano has been made. The Neymar II Case also promises, it will explode in the courts in mid-October with Brazilian dynamite. The mistakes of the past are paid for years later.

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We are looking forward to the end of the league break due to national team matches. When this happens, devices in the form of vents are activated to aerate dirty rags. In such a case, Barça always has to lose while Madrid throws dirty clothes in the washing machine. As if all this were not enough, the FIFA virus has been fatal and the news could not be more alarming. Araujo has a bad diagnosis although he has decided not to undergo surgery. Kounde can miss the classic. This season, with the World Cup in Qatar in between, is going to be a real madness when it comes to injuries.