FC Barcelona | The Barça needs to manufacture a new Leo Messi


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The project takes shape. Things start to work at Barça. After several years of sporting hardship, the club has begun to put together a project with a face and eyes, launching interesting investments such as Ferran Torres and betting on high-quality boys from the quarry.

The team is starting to look good, but it is clear that things are missing to make the big leap both in Europe and in Spain, although, for the first time in a long time, it gives the feeling that it is on the right track. The team works as a group, begins to compete as expected and shows signs of resurrection, but something is missing.

Looking back, Barça made the leap to excellence when they found a clear leadership on the pitch. First was Ronaldinho who gave that bonus and, then, obviously Leo Messi. Cracks World Cups that, supported by a great group, were able to mark an era and placed the Blaugrana club at the top of the world.

Now this Barça It has all the ingredients in the shaker and it lacks that reference that pulls the car, that player that has just given that sporting differential factor and that much-needed media pull. And that is why Haaland it is a unique opportunity to start a new era. It is the only one that can bring together all the elements that lead to success.

That is why the Barça He has thrown himself into an open grave for the Norwegian. It is almost no longer a question of price because what the Norwegian can give to the club and the team is almost priceless with money. Do not doubt that Barça is going to try until the end because they need more than ever to manufacture a new Messi despite the fact that the Argentine is absolutely unrepeatable in the history of football.

But the main problem is that Haaland it is an operation uncontrolled by the environment of the striker and by the ferocity of the competitors. In the Barça There is some optimism in the signing, but also a lot of uncertainty since, really, the footballer has not yet made a clear decision. And that’s where the Madrid wants to deliver a fatal blow to the eternal rival.

Florentino Perez you know that joining the Mbappe with the Norwegian, his Madrid could have no rival in the coming years. Or if. Because that of the last Madrid of the Galactics ended like the rosary of the dawn. Haaland is more than a strategic signing and we have to fight for him in an outcome that is already very close to being finalized.