FC Barcelona transfers: Messi’s renewal: one month after the elections, everything remains the same




EThis Wednesday it was a month since the elections were held and Laporta acceded to the presidency. A time that has not occurred nothing new in Messi’s renewal and everything continues as the first day. Good intentions on both sides, but calm down. As the new president repeated throughout the campaign, the renewal of the Argentine was a capital issue that had to be addressed from day one. A month later, there has been no rapprochement with the player or his environment. However, this does not mean that Laporta is standing still. Club sources indicate that they are working on the proposal that they will present to the player, but without revealing details.

Laporta: “Messi is unique, Cristiano’s sale is not comparable”

Laporta wants to go with homework done and do not rush into proposals that you will not be able to fulfill. Maintaining the credibility he has with the player is very important to him. Therefore, the first thing he has done is an audit to know exactly the financial situation of the club and know what it can really offer you.

From here, make the appropriate market movements to see possible reinforcements. It is in the public domain that a few days ago met with the agent and Haaland’s father to see the options available to sign him. He is also making other movements that have not reached the media. He wants to have everything tied up, always as far as possible taking into account that the market is not open, before sitting at the table with the player’s father.

City prepares an offer

Laporta knows that two greats are also working with the idea of ​​signing him. One of them is the Manchester City who is waiting for a call from Leo if he cannot agree with Barcelona. Guardiola would be delighted to have him for a couple of years at the highest level. City are also quietly working on a possible offer.

Pars est pendiente

The PSG is the other great who is interested in signing Messi. The French club also wants to offer the Argentine a solid and future-oriented sports project, but at this moment it focuses all its efforts on achieving the renovation of Mbapp and Neymar. Both end their contract in June 2022 and it is essential for PSG to bind both, or at least one, for the future.

Meanwhile, Messi remains calm oblivious to all these proposals focused on the next matches in which the team can get the double. On Saturday comes the Clsico and the following weekend the Copa del Rey final.