FC Bayern does not want to pay master bonuses to employees

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EIn the team’s success, Bayern have always paid off for their employees. The German soccer record champion paid the employees at the office and in other areas at least one extra salary for each title.

When the Munich under coaching legend Jupp Heynckes won the triple in 2013 and later the double, there was even more than an additional monthly wage.

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Now the board of directors around the chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and chief financial officer Jan-Christian Dreesen is considering canceling the traditional title bonus for the employees. BILD reports. The reason is said to be the corona crisis.

FC Bayern have just won the championship for the eighth time in a row and played the best second half ever.

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As a fan on the master balcony

The employees were not on short-time work during the previous pandemic. They received the master team ten days ago at the club headquarters on Säbener Strasse.

The players waived part of their salaries for three months, especially for the employees.



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