The Bavaria stand in front of the profit of your 8. Championship in a row…

On Sunday evening Oliver Kahn (50) to guest on “Sky90” with Moderator Patrick Wasserziehr (54). The Board member and the successor of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (64) is expressed in the Talk, among other things, to the possible obligations according to the season, the poker contract with defence Boss David Alaba (27) and the master-question. And surprised with the Consideration that, in summer, perhaps, at the Transfer step on the brake. What does this mean for Kai Havertz (20/Leverkusen) and Leroy Sané (24/Manchester city)?

Oliver Kahn on…

…Transfers in the summer: “At the Moment because for the first time yet to deal with completely different things. If the market will start, at the Moment I’m sceptical of that.“

…a possible Transfer stop in the summer: “This could be an Option. Are we looking at in the Moment everything, as many European clubs as well. I have found that the clubs are willing to make large Transfers.“

…the preliminary decision in the championship: “I think we just learn to, as we sit back now. We still have a serious opponent. There is yet to be decided anything in a long time.“

Photo: picture-alliance / Newscom


Leroy Sané is considered preferred candidate of the Bayern, was injured in the last summer, the Transfer failed Photo: picture-alliance / Newscom

…an interest in Kai Havertz: “Of course Havertz is not a Top-Talent, a great player, but that means that FC Bayern is interested in all of these good players. Has a current contract in place until 2022.“

…a commitment from Leroy Sané in the summer: “Sané has an injury behind, trying piece by piece to find a connection. I think it is difficult today, here and to talk today about players that have a valid contract of employment.“

…a contract extension from David Alaba: “We are with all the players in the conversation, whether it is Thiago or Alaba. Alaba has taken a development that just in the last few months, as boss. He now heads the team, we are all very, very pleased with it. Alaba has been playing for a very long time for FC Bayern München. Thiago is also in 7. Year. That also changes thoughts, it is clear. But I think we, as Bayern have very, very good arguments, if you look at it in a European context, that the players know what they have with us.“

…the extension of the contract of Manuel Neuer: “I think we were happy now all of that Manuel, but then after a lot of time and Think about what you need, is that he has now signed the contract and us until at least 2023 is maintained.”

…a possible loan of Alexander Nübel: “No, nobody here thinks at the Moment of a loan. This is excluded at the present time.“

Alexander Nübel changes in the summer from Schalke to Munich – a loan is initially excluded, although New is the first-choice number OnePhoto: AFP


Alexander Nübel changes in the summer from Schalke to Munich – a loan is initially excluded, although New is the first-choice at number 1Photo: AFP

…the continuation of the Champions League: “There’s nothing to be decided as the quarter-finals and semi-finals should be played. And the Finale. Possibly all in one city.“

…the opportunity to let the Fans back to the stadium: “Of course, we have looked at the time, how many spectators could be, according to the current concept of Hygiene in the Allianz Arena. It’s a fraction, it is at 10.000, 11.000 spectators. I think, at the Moment, even if my heart bleeds, but at the Moment we have to accept it that way.“



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