“FC Lokomotiv Daugavpils” receives a fine for paying “envelope wages”; representative Jakubovskis admits that it would have been better to admit guilt

“The case lasted a year and a half, during which various checks and searches were carried out and the entire accounting of the club was checked. During that time, two clubs also ceased to exist. During the investigation, a lot of materials were obtained that I have not yet received,” Jakubovski described the investigation process.

He said that about 50 football players, as well as other involved persons, gave testimonies and explanations about the activities of the club from 2016 to 2021.

“During the entire process, there were two people who testified orally, presumably without any other evidence, that they received money in an ‘envelope’ and made claims against the club,” Jakubovski claimed.

He also stated that he did not pay the relevant amount of money to the two players, whose names were not mentioned, as “envelope wages”, but the case was already submitted to the prosecutor’s office and it was planned to take it further to court.

“It is clear that the trial would last for years, and many witnesses would be questioned. There are football players who were completely satisfied with my work, who also signed and testified about it,” Jakubovskis said.

However, there were also those who were dissatisfied, but Jakubovski had no desire to go and sue. “We decided that if I admit that these two footballers are right, we will save both time and effort,” the club representative admitted.

He pointed out that 2,600 euros were transferred to the account of these football players, but the players stated in their testimonies that they received another 7,000 euros.

“If the whole process already took a year and a half, then you can only imagine how long the court proceedings would be. It was easier for me to admit that what the footballers said was right, to receive a fine and disqualification,” said Jakubovskis.

He also claimed that there was every opportunity to go to court, a deeper investigation could have been conducted and to find out when and in what year what had happened, but a more rational decision was to admit the violations.

In addition to the EUR 5,000 fine, Jakubovski was also sentenced to a one-year ban on holding the position of board member and chairman of the board in companies related to sports lessons and the organization of sports events. He admitted that he no longer plans to work in the field of sports.

“At the moment, I do not plan to return to football or sports after the suspension, although it is my heart and I would like to help. There were offers to be the director of a club and to be involved in the board, but after the bitter experience, there is no desire anymore. It is better to invest my work in another sphere,” he added. Jakubowski.

It has already been reported that the prosecutor’s office imposed a fine of 5,000 euros on Jakubovski, the then member of the board of the “FC Lokomotiv Daugavpils” football club, in the case of the payment of “envelope salaries” in the football club.

The Prosecutor’s Office informed that the South Latgale Prosecutor’s Office completed the criminal proceedings against the person who paid wages not shown in the accounting records in a significant amount.

Jakubovskis, being a member of the board of the football club “FC Lokomotiv Daugavpils” and actually managing the economic activities of this association, paid two football players unaccounted money in the total amount of 9170 euros for the fact that they performed their work duties by playing football in a specific football club team, LETA found out. .

Taking into account the nature of the crime committed and the fact that the accused committed a less serious crime in the national economy, he fully admitted his guilt, regretted what he had done, as well as the personality of the accused – he had been tried before, but the criminal record was cleared, the prosecutor’s office imposed a fine of 5000 euros and deprivation of the right to be a member of the board and the board the position of chairman in companies related to sports lessons and organization of sports events, for one year.

The case was investigated by the Tax and Customs Police of the State Revenue Service (SRS), which in July 2022 sent a criminal case to the Southern Latgale Prosecutor’s Office for the initiation of criminal proceedings regarding the payment of wages not shown in the accounting records in the amount of 9170 euros.

On May 13, 2021, the SRS conducted a search of Jakubovsk, who at that time was an authorized person of the debutant Daugavpils “Noah Jurmala” (previously – Daugavpils “Lokomotiv”) of the football super league. SRS representative Andrejs Vaivars confirmed to the LETA agency at the time that SRS employees had carried out procedural actions in the football club “Noah Jurmala”, but did not provide detailed comments on the circumstances of the case.

Latvijas Televīzija, on the other hand, reported that unofficial information shows that a criminal prosecution has been initiated for the payment of envelopes in the Daugavpils “Noah Jurmala” football club, which competed in the football super league last season, but last June, unfulfilled financial obligations and other circumstances prevented it from continuing to participate in the tournament.