FC Porto: 100 wins over Benfica, 10 moments

The classic 250 brought the 30th title of national champion for FC Porto and on the way to another historic milestone. It was the 100th victory of the dragon over Benfica, adding up all the competitions, in what was growing as the great rivalry of national football.

FC Porto is the first club to reach 100 wins in classics. The derby between Benfica and Sporting, dating back to 1907, is a separate case. Both teams have already surpassed this milestone several years ago, the tally is at 137 wins for Benfica and 112 for Sporting.

The history between Benfica and FC Porto began 91 years ago, when the first official match was played in 1931. The eagles won by 3-0, in the final of the Portuguese Championship. The FC Porto’s first victory took place right after the second match and it was at Benfica’s home. Then at Campo das Amoreiras, FC Porto won 2-1 in the semi-final of the Portuguese Championship. The balance was for a long time in favor of Benfica, but FC Porto turned the balance in recent decades. At the moment there are 100 Porto victories, 24 of them as a visitor, 88 Benfica triumphs and 62 draws.

From the 8-0 rout that led to the first break in relations until the 2022 party at Estádio da Luz, the morefootball chose 10 remarkable moments among those 100 FC Porto victories over Benfica. See those moments here.