FC Seoul’s Acting Representative Park Hyuk-soon reveals a half-time dialogue

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[스포츠니어스 | 서울월드컵경기장=홍인택 기자] FC Seoul’s acting agency Hyuk-soon Park shared the story he had with the players during halftime.

FC Seoul, led by coach Park Hyuk-soon as acting coach, scored the winning goal to Aguilar in the match against HanawonQ K League 1 2020 Incheon United held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 31st and lost 0-1.

The match was filled with a memorial atmosphere as the late Kim Nam-chun, who was part of FC Seoul, died the day before (30th). Seoul aimed for only one goal to commemorate Namchun Kim, but Incheon, where the situation is imminent, never backed down. In the process, at the end of the game, the two teams had a tough struggle and a nerve war.

Acting Hyuk-soon Park, who finished the game, said, “Kim Nam-chun suddenly passed away. Not only me, but also the players couldn’t sleep properly,” he said. “It’s really hard for Nam Chun, but let’s show that we are doing our best to the end. “Let’s do our best so that Nam Chun can go to a good place while receiving applause.”

The following is a press conference for FC Seoul coach Park Hyuk-soon.

Gyeonggi General Review
We wish (Kim) Nam Chun. Many fans of the home of the last match came, and I wanted to do my best to return with good results. I apologize to the fans for not making the result. In the last game, however, the players tried their best to achieve results. I want to say thank you to the players.

The result itself may not have been an important game for Seoul, but I played very hard. I think I played hard for Namchun Kim. How the players’ resolution was
It was sudden. Not only me, but also the players couldn’t sleep properly. During the game, in the case of the first half, I was in bad condition, so there were parts that were difficult to deal with tactically or strategically. What the coaches and players talked about at halftime said, “It’s really hard for Nam Chun, but let’s do our best so that we can show our best efforts to the end and get applause to a good place.”

What is the overall review of your performance in Seoul this season?
In the end, the same was the case in the last rankings, and in the middle of the season, he did not reach the top split and fell to the bottom. It is correct for Seoul to be in a higher position. It’s a shame. Many things happened. In such a part, I think that if a new director comes, we will be able to achieve good results next year if we take steps step by step.

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