FC Thulba has to blame itself for the relegation

FC Thulba – SV Rapid Ebelsbach 1:1 (0:1). Tore: 0: 1 Tobias Mantel (2nd), 1: 1 Dimitrios Glykos (51st).

The Franconians will play in the Rhön district league next season and will expand the phalanx of district teams there. Despite the burden of having to make up a three-goal deficit from the first leg (2:5), they could have prevented that in the second meeting against the Hassbergler – if they hadn’t allowed themselves a miserable exploitation of chances.

There were plenty of chances to “repair” goals against the Schweinfurt district league team.

First, the yellow-blacks continued where they left off in Ebelsbach in front of a narrow 331 fans: They conceded a goal through an individual defensive error. Rene Leurer, who was called up in central defense this time, frittered away the ball to Tobias Mantel, who without hesitation and unstoppably netted for Andreas Kohlhepp, who was between the posts on Saturday afternoon.

Pechvogel Cedric Werner

Immediately after the restart of the very good referee Marcel Krauss (Fladungen), FC coach Gerald Betz was forced to make a change because Cedric Werner, already injured, tore a muscle fiber. The starting position of the Thulbaer was now so hopeless that the nervous pressure was gone. Substitute Dimitrios Glykos had the equalizer on his foot, his shot was just around the post by the not always safe SV keeper Peter Trautner. He saw himself in the spotlight in the period that followed, with the hosts’ imprecise final actions playing into his hands. Like Tobias Huppmann’s header after a Glykos cross (40′) or Maximilian Gah’s shot from ten meters too high (43′).

Immediately after the break, Leurer could have headed in from a Huppmann corner, but the plaything sailed past the second post. The overdue equalizer came with the next attack: After a Huppmann cross, Glykos rammed the ball over the goal line at the far corner. Two minutes later, Leurer started a solo effort from his own half, put the ball in Huppmann’s run, but he missed from close range. After an hour, Leurer was ordered to replace the injured Lorenz Heim in the striker, was immediately “forgotten” by a guest player, but hastily threw the ball over the short corner. A header from Joachim Muth to a Huppmann corner was also unsuccessful – like all other efforts by the home team.

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“We actually could have pulled it off. However, we blamed ourselves for the elimination through our own mistakes, especially in Ebelsbach. The way we exploited our chances today was symptomatic of the entire course of the season,” said Gerald Betz after the end of the game. The Ebelsbachers are now playing against Rannungen-Bezwinger TSV Eßleben for a place in the district league east.

Thulba: Kohlhepp – M. Gah (82nd Graser), Leurer, D. Büchner, S. Gah – Betz (75th Liebler), Muth, Werner (4th Glykos), Fl. Heim – Huppmann, L. Heim (60th Knüttel, 88th Reuss).