FC Villeranche-Beaujolais is always attentive to the fate of the Girondins de Bordeaux: “Tuesday, we will be on alert”

A few days ago, Gaëtan Mazzolathe general manager of FC Villeranche-Beaujolais (National), spoke for Actufoot on the possible repechage of his club in Ligue 2, if the Girondins de Bordeaux were officially demoted to National by the DNCG. “If Bordeaux goes down, we hope that FC Villefranche-Beaujolais will be drafted […] We will suffer the situation in the sense that it is Bordeaux who is master of its destiny. If Bordeaux manages to find 40 million euros by July 5… There will be no debate”.

After the general manager, the President of the club, Philippe Terrier, spoke in Le Quotidien du Sport. “I can tell you that on Tuesday, we will be on alert. Our budget is closed, it is coherent. We are ready to evolve in Ligue 2, even if it seems that he has found the solutions”.

“After the play-off has taken place, in the event that a club qualified for the following season in Ligue 2 renounces its participation or does not meet the criteria for participation in Ligue 2, or is refused this accession by decision of the DNCG or any other body, in particular disciplinary, the losing club of the play-off is fished out”.

After FC Nantes (and all the other clubs) who are waiting for Bordeaux to come down to recover Hwang Ui-Jo, FC Nantes who are also waiting for Bordeaux to collapse to take their place in D1 Arkema, here is Villefranche who would like to recover the place in Ligue 2. Hard to know if we would have done the same thing but from a purely personal point of view, wishing the misfortune of others has never made us happier.


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