FC Wil wins the friendly against Austria Lustenau 4-0


The victory could have been higher: FC Wil didn’t give Bundesliga club Austria Lustenau a chance in the friendly

This achievement is okay, even at high altitudes. Wiler won the preparatory game against Austria Lustenau in Bürs 4-0. Meet four different players. At the end of June, it was FC Wil’s first away win in 2022.

Here Sofian Bahloul gives a Wiler chance. Nevertheless, the result was clearly in favor of the residents of Abtestadt.

Image: Simon Dudle

In the second preparatory game, FC Wil achieved its first win. A week after the 2-3 defeat against FC Zurich, the eastern Swiss team in Bürs achieved an undisputed 4-0 win against Austria Lustenau, who were promoted to the Austrian Bundesliga this summer. As clear as the verdict was, the balance of power on the field was clear. The Wilers were the better team in all respects and could have won better than that. They owned more of the game, won the majority of duels and hardly allowed any chances to score.

The Wiler scored in the fifth minute of each half. In the first half, Silvio scored after a good through-play, in the second Josias Lukembila with a header. When Umar Saho made it 3-0 a minute later, it was all over the place. After a good hour, Marcin Dickenmann ensured the end result with a lot of force.

Yoga and hiking in the training camp

The new defender Genis Montolio, who came from FC Zurich, was used for the first time. Another new signing, Nicolas Muci, followed the game in the spectator area. He’s recovering from a foot injury. With this game, a four-day Wiler training camp in Bludenz came to an end. Part of that included morning yoga classes and a hike that lasted well past midnight.

Detail on the side: It is the very first Wiler away win in 2022. Previously, that had not worked in three test and nine championship games with a complete success.

Austria Lustenau – FC Wil 0: 4 (0: 1)

Uf dr Schesa, Bürs: 113 spectators. – Sr: Schadl.

Tore: 5. Silvio 0:1. 50. Lukembila 0:2. 51. Saho 0:3. 63. Dickenmann 0:4.

Austria Lustenau: Schierl (60. Nesler-Table); Hugonet, Maak (66th King), Grujcic (58th Berger), Guenouche (84th Gmeiner); Gmeiner (68. Two Saints Gomes), Two Saints Gomes (46. Menezes Two Saints), Turkmen, Grabher (66. Bacic); Schmid, Stephen (46th).

FC Wil: 1st half: basement; Brahimi, Montolio, Beka (38th Zali), Howl; Zumberi, Muntwiler, Reichmuth; Bahloul, Silvio, Maier. 2nd half: Ammeter; Dickenmann, Zali, Montolio (Elcarpar 78), Brahimi (Heule 78); Staubli, Ndau, Zumberi (78.Egger); Saho, Silvio (51. Abazi), Lukembila.

Remarks: Wil without Malinowski and Muci (both injured), but with Jonathan Egger and Taylan Elcarpar from their own offspring. – 38. Beka ailing replaced.