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FCA youngsters are committed to the fight against blood cancer

by archyw

U23 and U19 take part in the DKMS typing campaign

22.07.2021, 16:16

In April of this year, FC Augsburg set an example in a cross-Bundesliga campaign and called on its fans to be typed for a possible stem cell donation. In cooperation with the German bone marrow donor database (DKMS), the U23 and U19 of FC Augsburg have now also taken part in a typing campaign.

The two teams, including their trainers and supervisors, took time before the training to find out about the DKMS and the topics of typing and stem cell donation. Patients affected by blood cancer are usually dependent on a donor of the same parentage. Ten percent of the affected patients are still waiting in vain for their matching genetic twin, which is why every single registration can make a life-saving difference. Young and active people are particularly likely to be considered as stem cell donors.

“As athletes, our players are well aware of what cohesion means and how important it is to work towards a common goal. That is why it is important to us to draw attention to this important topic and to support typing campaigns, ”says Roy Stapelfeld, commercial director of the young talent center.

By the way: Recently, the former FCA goalkeeper Marwin Hitz was also able to give a patient the chance of a new life by donating peripheral stem cells from the blood. He is one of currently 82,500 DKMS stem cell donors from Germany.

Not only athletes are eligible as donors, but anyone interested can now become active: Anyone who is healthy and between 17 and 55 years old can order a set to be sent home via the DKMS registration link.
The more people accept as potential stem cell donors, the greater the likelihood that a person with blood cancer will find their genetic twin. OPEN YOUR MOUTH. STICKS PURE. BE A DONOR!

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As early as November 2019, the Fuggerstadt-based company organized a major typing campaign as part of the Bundesliga home game against FC Schalke 04, in which official fan clubs also supported the FCA. In the course of this, the FCA professionals also had themselves typed. In addition, the DKMS was given a check for a sum of 5,000 euros, which was collected through an auction. As part of the FCA Family Day 2019, FC Augsburg wore a special “Haller jersey flock” in honor of Helmut Haller. These tricks were then auctioned for the benefit of DKMS.


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