“FCK continues with unrest and cryptic allegations”

1. FC Kaiserslautern has decided in favor of a regional group in terms of investors. Understandable, but it was a decision between plague and cholera, says SWR editor Sina Weber.

Now a decision has been made in favor of an investor at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It has become the regional group, and the committee of creditors has rejected the offer from Dubai. This is understandable, because the regional offer seems to be better suited to the four-pillar model of the FCK.

Decision plague against cholera

Apparently there were still many unanswered questions about the offer from Dubai. The members of the Creditors’ Committee probably never found out who was really behind it. Ultimately, however, it was a plague versus cholera decision. Because now those responsible have to try to find more donors so that the future of FCK is secured beyond the upcoming season. And the much-vaunted calm should not return now either. Because shortly after the club announced the decision for the regional group, the chairman of the supervisory board, Jörg Wilhelm, announced on Twitter that he had never heard so many lies in a press conference.

It continues with restlessness and accusations

So it basically goes on exactly as in previous years. Restlessness. Cryptic allegations. And a strange aftertaste that supervisory boards are once again pushing to the fore. What has seriously harmed the club in the past is now going on as well. Merk & Co did not want to repeat these mistakes. At least that is what they announced when they took office in December – and many fans and members believed them.

A deep crack apparently goes through the “Team Merk”

Apparently there is a deep rift in the group that started as Team Merk. Jörg Wilhelm accuses his colleagues of a lack of transparency. His – apparently uncoordinated – appearance at SWR Sport on SWR television a few weeks ago has set a stone in motion that should now be difficult to stop. And now of all times, at a time when the FCK has more than enough to do to save its own skin.


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