FDP boss may not talk to university Hamburg


Christian Lindner is outraged: The FDP chairman may Do not talk at an event in the University of Hamburg. In a letter he complained to the Hamburg Senator for Science.

The president of the University of Hamburg told Christian Lindner without explanation that he is not allowed to speak at an event on campus, reported the FDP chairman on Tuesday in Berlin.

After the cancellation, Christian Lindner complained in writing to Senator of Science Katharina Fegebank (Greens). He considers it "extremely questionable" that the university rejects debates by its students with politicians like him, according to the letter to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

"I urge you, therefore, to seek a dialogue with university self-government and to ensure that the University of Hamburg can once again become a place of lively political exchange of opinion."

According to Lindner, it was about a discussion event of the Liberal University Group in November. In recent years he has participated in dozens of events of this kind at universities in Germany.

In the past week loud protests at the University of Hamburg had prevented the first major lecture of AfD co-founder Bernd Lucke since his return to teaching. The next day he was able to give a seminar.

Lindner accused Fegebank on Tuesday that she had not been able to move in the case Lucke to a clear positioning. She had to clarify her opinion now. "It thickens the impression that Ms. Fegebank only tolerates the opinions that correspond to her own," said Lindner in Berlin. "The university is open for democratic exchange with all."

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