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25. May 2022

The city of Basel is a city of culture and is located in a metropolitan region with around one million inhabitants. Such a cultural city needs an infrastructure like the Musical Theater, which also presents popular culture. It is popular with the population and can be used in a variety of ways, as shown by the annual pre-Carnival event “Drummeli” or the temporary use as a classic concert hall during the renovation of the city casino. The theater and concert hall also attracts international productions again and again.

In the cultural mission statement of the city of Basel from 2020 it is written “The goal is to achieve more cultural impact with the available means in order to help Basel to become even more radiant. The “pocket-sized city of world culture” focuses on two main points: outstanding excellence and broad and innovative diversity of cultural creativity”. The existing Musical Theater Basel covers several aspects of this statement: it completes the broad and innovative cultural offering in the city of Basel, it is known throughout Switzerland and has an impact far beyond the borders of Basel. The preservation would also prevent a migration of entertainment activities to other cities.

All of this benefits Basel’s attractiveness as a location. The Musical Theater Basel generates added value beyond the cultural sector. In particular, it also benefits the tourism sector, which is still struggling with the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic and the difficulties of the fair.

The Musical Theater Basel is unique in Basel and one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Switching to other event locations with the same equipment would not be possible or would only involve considerable additional costs.

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The preservation of the musical theater should not prevent the construction of a 50-meter swimming pool. The Liberals know that there is also a need for such an infrastructure and are therefore not against the construction of a swimming pool. An alternative area for the 50-meter swimming pool should be sought in the near future.

The FDP. With their petition, the liberals of Basel-Stadt are asking the government council to submit a proposal on how both the musical theater can be preserved and how a 50-metre swimming pool can be built in the near future.

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