Fear grows in Spain due to the reappearance of the virus

Spain’s health authorities reported 1,895 new cases of coronavirus, the highest daily rebound since the end of the state of alarm in late June, pushing the number of infected in the last week to more than 20,000. In adjusting the figures, however, the Ministry of Health added 4,507 new diagnoses to the total number of Covid-19 infections registered since the pandemic began, which are 314,362.

Spain is the Western European country with the highest number of coronavirus infections, surpassing the United Kingdom, with 308,134, and the second in Europe, behind Russia, with 871,894. On the other hand, the global death toll rose to 28,503, with which there were three more new fatalities.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia 5004 positives were detected in the last seven days and in Madrid 4147 (567 new infected were known yesterday and the situation is getting worse, they say). In Aragon 3,692 were confirmed and the Basque Country added 1,650 infected, after having had 428 yesterday.


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